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This month's presentations range from synthetic birds in swampy wetlands to wireless ultrasonic rangefinding with Arduinos. Steve Adam will talk about his Common Sounds installation, which was set in the Sale Common Wetland Reserve (Gippsland) for the WaterWater Festival in November 2005. The installation uses real-time generated synthetic multichannel audio which was diffused in a swampy wetland setting. The system was self-powered and involved numerous technical challenges. The installation's sounds include a range of synthetic birds and insects. Ross Bencina & Danielle Wilde will discuss the design and construction of an ultrasonic rangefinding system built as part of a recent residency at Steim Amsterdam by Ross, Danielle and Somaya Langley. The idea was to create a wireless system for measuring the distance between performers by timing ultrasonic pings from one unit to another. Each range finder unit uses an Arduino and has two separate ultrasonic sender and receiver circuits. The units use Nordic Semiconductor NRF2401 digital wireless radios to synchronise and transmit data back to a basestation. Ross and Danielle will discuss the successes and limitations of the project to date. read more for more details and links for each of the projects, or visit

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