The Tract House

The Tract House is a "spread-the-word" project that debuted at the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore on May 31, 2008. The Tract House tracts were written by friends, neighbors, acquaintances, visitors to this website, and friends of friends. While most popular tracts are religious, The Tract House tracts can be nearly anything— manifestos, diatribes, stories, rants, poems, or lyrics. They can be about whatever the writer finds pressing, whether it be something personal, professional, political, domestic, local, or global. Gallery visitors are encouraged to peruse the many tracts and take home what they wish. Visitors of this website are encouraged to print the tracts on their home printers. It is hoped that the tracts will educate, activate, infuriate, obfuscate, titillate, inspire, upset, and irritate. The tracts can be treasured or passed on, crumpled in disgust or venerated, folded up and put through the laundry, or left on a car windshield. visit http://thetracthouse.com for more details

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Facebook | 21:100:100


21:100:100 IN CONCERT
An evening featuring phenomenal sound artists from Melbourne and beyond

This live performance at BMW Edge, Federation Square is a companion piece to the exhibition of sound works at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces. This concert takes the concept of 21:100:100 beyond the gallery walls, beyond the headphones and enables audiences to listen to the works in a live concert spectacle.

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Therapy ft Yokoo

Facebook | Therapy ft Yokoo

Yokoo is a relatively new face in Brisbane's clubs, though not without experience and a bag full of top shelf deep techno. Productions as well complete the picture, also making good use of an intelligent ear for tonal and tribal deep tech. His sound is evidently a recreation of his deeply spiritual relationship with technology and music.

Originally hailing from Strasbourg, France, Yokoo has made good use of the short time he has been in Australia, hitting up both Family and The Met in Brisbane, Platinum on the Coast, and Spice in Sydney. He also translates to the festival crowd, chosen to set up rooms at the recent Armin van Buuren event, and coming up at Global Gathering.

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Reunion Rave in Brisbane

Reunion Rave @ The MET in Brisbane

I hadn't been out to a dance club for maybe 4-5 years, about 7 years since being in brisbane, so the Reunion Rave dance party whilst I was up there on holidays was perfect timing. heaps of older crew were there - it was so great to see them all and spend the night dancing as we used to back in the day.

the music was fantastic too - Thief took us back to Magic Roundabout @ Metropolis & the Site (if my memory serves correctly) in the side room & looked like he was enjoying playing the tunes too. "Insomniac - I'm asleep", Moby's "Thousand", Custa knows the rest of the track names - some Rabbit City Records tracks? I remembered that track with the "Reanimator" (movie) sample though I'm not sure what it's called.

Sasha "Injected with a poison - are you listening to me!" later, Paul Holden (is Golden?! :) doing the hand movements to "I kiss your lips and close my eyes - take you away to paradise ... let everybody see that I love you and you love me ..." with the lasers forming whirlpool clouds of different coloured smoke above the dancing crowd in the main room. then "Everybody's Free - to feel love" with starry skies spinning behind him on the screens - reminding me of the Dome and it's starry skies when the retractable ceiling was pulled back (even if the songs were different there)

Rousey & Kesson played heaps of songs towards the end of the night that Dufty & Angus (rip) used to play (which was great but a little sad at the same time). I liked what Rousey said - something like "it's nice to come out to work and see people I know again".

Vision Four 5 played a great live set - hadn't seen them play in years. the videos looked great too - a huge Lolli dancing & singing to Funkify Yourself & Purple Lamp was played later in the set & the block text for Everything You Need. half way through this song I went down the front and after a couple of tracks, some younger people were asking who this great band was, so it's great to see another generation loving the tunes too! Ben & Noel were jumping around like they used to - was so cool to see!

I loved the screens in the different rooms - the videos shown were so crisp & clear & the lasers helped set the mood too.

at the start of the night (I'd gone early to catch Dizzy's set - nice!) I was a little worried as most of the people were wearing really tight clothes and very high stilettos and had trouble finding the beat when dancing but when everyone came later, the tables turned, and some of the younger people dancing seemed to be staring at how the rest of us were dancing - it was almost like they'd never seen it before or been to a dance party ?!?!

I kept forgetting I had the camera as I was too busy talking or dancing (now I remember why I don't have pics from years ago) so there's only a few clips at different parts of the night. the video runs for about 12mins though so is a little long. my camera's not very good in low light, so you can't really see the people - but this video should give you a sample of what the night was like.

thanks to everyone who played & organised the gig and all the people I spoke to & saw out.

can't wait for the next one!!

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Q-Bert Scratch World Tour 2002

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Q-Bert Scratch World Tour - Sydney 19/12/2002

reunions in Brisbane & an end of holidays Soul Mix from Damage

I've been in Brisbane for past 12 days - catching up with lots of old and new friends. Valli & Dave moved to the UK. Frankie and I made a video - he'd kept a Strawberry from Strawberry Fields '96 and took it out for dinner last thursday night, so we made a video of the strawberry wandering the streets of the Valley looking for some of the old clubs which have since closed down.

Strawberry looking for lost clubs in the Valley

How Frankie found his Strawberry

I went to the Reunion Rave at the Met on friday night. it was a fantastic party! the djs played all the old tracks that were played at clubs years ago Thief's set was a highlight - he played tracks from Magic Roundabout @ Metropolis + The Site, as was the return of Vision Four 5. The screens in the MET were amazing too - the visuals were so crisp & clear. The lasers in the main room were great too. I caught up with so many people and danced most of the night. could hardly walk on Saturday though! but as Custa said "it's because of the hard floors - not because of my age or the fact I haven't used those muscles in a long time" sounds right to me!

I took some photos and video clips throughout the night, but most of the time I forgot I had the cameras as I was too busy talking and dancing. I think this is why I have hardly any photos from parties back in the day!

so now I'm listening to Damage's Soul Mix - a great set to wind down after holidays and first day back at work. I'm really liking his selection in this mix. the terntable jediz guys are doing well. sheep's back in Brisbane, and Freestyle's records are selling for crazy prices on discogs - 80 EURO for the 2006 Roy Davis Jnr remix "The Session" 12''. good to hear! I've heard they're going to be playing some regular (additional) gigs soon too.

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Open Frame

OPEN FRAME is room40's annual festival of sound and media. This year it is being held at Brisbane Powerhouse's Rooftop Terrace over two evenings 2nd-3rd October.

Thursday 2 October 2008
* oren ambarchi
* domenico sciajno
* kim myhr
* antony milton

Friday 3 October 2008
* kk null
* lucky dragons
* birchville cat motel
* spartak

Also the works of experimental film maker Makino Takashi will be screened each night - featuring beautiful soundtracks by Jim O'Rourke
Tickets are available from http://www.brisbanepowerhouse.org/events/view/open-frame-1 or visit http://www.room40.org/events.shtml for more details

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outdoor sound installations

there was a question on the Acoustic Ecology mail list about permanent outdoor sound installations. some of these were mentioned by people on the list :

Derek Holzer mentioned Max Neuhaus & his talk at the Tuned City seminar :

"check the sound installation work of Max Neuhaus, particularly his Times Square piece:"

"... His work is quite subtle and very strong conceptually. One piece in particular I remember him presenting at Tuned City in Berlin http://www.tunedcity.de was a piece for a public park, where the speakers were hidden under the ground and the sound emerged from what appeared to be drainage grills. Actually, the sound didn't seem to emerge from ANYWHERE, which was the beauty of it. Max said he spent quite a bit of time developing the (weather and vandal-proof) sound systems for these kinds of installations." -- Derek Holzer




upfront drum'n'bass and jungle vibes baby!

Downstairs @The Step Inn (cnr st pauls Tce & brunswick st, the valley)
Saturday 4th October!

Well Brisbane, its sad to say it, and as some of you out there may have heard; the inaugural Brisbane clubbing event 'RuDe BwOyZ' is closing its doors...... but not until its given a propa jungle goodbye to this fair city by throwing a monster 'FAREWELL FREE PARTY' downstairs @The Step Inn!

RuDe BwOyZ has been a seminal event on the Brisbane clubbing calendar for the last 6 years, renowned for launching the Brisbane drum'n'bass scene out of obscurity and establishing itself as the longest running Independent dance-event in Brisbane history! At the birthplace of the underground bar, RuDe BwOyZ provided local junglists with the city's first monthly drum'n'bass event and paved the foundation for the vibrant scene Brisbane enjoys today.

For this land-mark occasion the RuDe BwOyZ team are taking their infamous FREE PARTY event into the bigger space downstairs @The Step Inn, where we hope Brisbane junglists young and old can unite to give their farewells and party on into the early morn with a selection of classic Brisbane jungle dj's who've been reppin' with RuDe BwOyZ from the word go! Better to burn out than to fade away Brisbane!!

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Reunion Rave is Everything you Need ::: Vision Four 5 (LIVE) 10th October 2008 @ The MET in Brisbane

Reunion Rave is happening 10th October 2008 @ The MET in Brisbane so book your tix now!

DJs playing the best of 90's Classic House, Techno and Rave Anthems. The MET: Vision Four 5 (Live), Jumping Jack, Paul Holden, Sasha Vatoff, Rousey, Darren James, Kesson, Thief, Dizzy. Coco: Pete Smith, Dope & Dusted, Nick Galea. Bamboo: Mr Sparkle

:: Vision Four 5 (Live) ::

In 1990, "Vision Four 5" was formed as a live dance music act that challenged the perception of what live music could be, with interactive video technology and immersive live performances.

The line up changed through the first few years to settle from 1993-1997 with members Noel Burgess (Music), Tim Gruchy (Video/Interactives), Ben Suthers (Music) and Al Ferguson (Video/Animation). In this time Vision Four 5 produced 2 albums, Texture (1993) and Humid (1995) and numerous singles on Volition Records/Sony Music. They toured Australia constantly playing raves, clubs Big Day Out and remixed many other artists in this time.

The rave hit "Everything You Need" was one of the highest selling Australian 12" singles and the more radio friendly "Funkify Yourself" crossed over to become both a club and national radio hit.

The Vision Four 5 live performance incorporated a Mandala interactive system to utilize movement in the stage "control zone" to maniplulate any aspect of video processing, animation or the music as well as live camera's and a full state-of-the-art music studio onstage. The result was a truly unique, immersive and synchronous experience.

All of the members of the band have pursued their specialist field since 1997 and live/work in various parts of the globe.

In October, Ben and Noel are bringing back the music of Vision Four 5 for "Back Again" in Sydney and "Reunion" in Brisbane to remind audiences that Vision Four 5 is "Everything You Need"

read more for details or see the facebook event

read an interview with Noel Burgess from Vision Four 5 (2003)

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SONIC BODY - sonic installations and video works by, through and for bodies

JOLT and West Space present SONIC BODY - sonic installations and video works by, through and for bodies. Artists are Brandon LaBelle (USA), Philip Samartzis & Marcia Jane, Bruce Mowson, and James Hullick. October 1-4 2008 at West Space. OPENING Thursday October 2, 6-8pm ::: with performance by James Hullick at 7pm (no entry fee) ::: CLOSING Saturday October 4, 5pm ::: with performance by Philip Samartzis & Lizzie Pogson ($5 entry) :::

Brandon LaBelle (USA) is an artist and writer working with sound and auditory issues. He is the author of Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art (Continuum 2006), and Professor at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway. http://www.errantbodies.org/labelle.html

Marcia Jane is a video and film artist based in Melbourne. Her interests lie in flickering, pulsating, rhythmic abstraction; and audio-visual sensory experiences. Marcia lectures in visual art at Swinburne University and studies at RMIT's School of Art. http://www.permutations.net

Philip Samartzis is an internationally acclaimed electro-acoustic maestro and teacher to many of Melbourne's most successful sound artists through his work at RMIT. His current practice is dominated by the use of field recordings as source material for sonic works. http://www.microphonics.org "one of the leading lights of Australian experimental music" Rare Frequency 2006

Bruce Mowson is a Melbourne-based sound and video artist. He has conducted research into the phenomenon of absorption in audio-visual media though a series of exhibitions and performances and teaches at RMIT University. http://www.brucemowson.com

James Hullick is an installation artist, composer, pianist and electro sound-artist. Hullick is also Artistic Director for JOLT. http://www.jameshullick.com "...a highly reduced transparent psychogram, that shocks as much as electrifies the listener" Reutlinger Nachrichten (Südwestpresse) 2007

read more or visit http://joltarts.org and http://westspace.org.au for more details

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BODYTOK (the human instrument archive) - a sonicsfromscratch video and sound project

Starkwhite is pleased to present BODYTOK a sonicsfromscratch video and sound project
by Phil Dadson, with interactivity design by James Charlton.
(a 3 screen trial towards a larger public gallery installation)
Upstairs backroom, 510 Karangahape Rd, Auckland, from 10 to 26 September 2008.

Over the past three years, Dadson has been compiling the 'human instrument archive'. He says: "The first instrument is the human body and the human instrument is the most unpredictable and unique of all. From childhood worldwide humans explore the sonic potential of their bodies, often discovering a unique and/or individual sound. I had some expectations of this variety, but when I started asking people to show me their unique sounds, I was astounded by the invention."

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"Visionary Hollywood" bus tour of historic spiritual sites led by Erik Davis (LA/USA)

In October Esotouric, the eclectic bus adventure company whose tours reveal L.A.'s secret history, will reprise VISIONARY HOLLYWOOD, a new hosted by San Francisco-based writer Erik Davis and inspired by his acclaimed 2006 book "The Visionary State". On this journey of exploration through the mystic realms of Los Angeles,passengers will join Erik on a guided tour of five extraordinary religious sites, meet followers of their respective faiths and explore the fascinating history of alternative religious practice in Southern California.

The tour departs from the Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood, where a booksigning with Erik and other LA mystical authors will be held after the tour. The tour includes visits to five extraordinary destinations:

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GPS Film : Not a Moving Picture - a Picture Moving

GPS Film is new media artwork from filmmaker Scott Hessels that invents a new way of watching movies based on the viewer's location and movement. Using a GPS-enabled PDA or mobile phone, the audience creates a new type of film experience that reveals the story through their journey. Released as a free, open-source application, the project will premiere on 4 September 2008 along with the first film made specifically for the system, Singaporean filmmaker Kenny Tan's chase comedy "Nine Lives".

The GPS Film application, source code, and "Nine Lives" are available for free download on the project website www.gpsfilm.com. The application allows for a developer to create story spaces of any size. The movies are also interchangeable and easily matched to any place. The software default is currently "Nine Lives"—a prototype film comedy that can unfold in nine directions depending on the viewer's journey around downtown Singapore.

Scott Hessels is an internationally recognised media artist and filmmaker who merges cinema with new technologies to create innovative media experiences. For GPS Film, he collaborated with film and engineering students at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University.

Cybernetics Serendipity Redux - A moderated discussion on YASMIN

Leonardo/OLATS, co sponsor of YASMIN, is pleased to announce

Cybernetics Serendipity Redux
http://www.media.uoa.gr/yasmin/viewtopic.php?t=4385 (ed: discussion link seems to be broken now 15/02/2009)
http://www.media.uoa.gr/yasmin_oldarchives - has archive of yasmin mail list
http://www.media.uoa.gr/yasmin - new Yasmin list

A moderated discussion on YASMIN
Beginning September 1 2008

Discussion On YASMIN, led by Ranulph Glanville.
Moderators Ranulph Glanville, Paul Brown, Paul Pangaro

40 years ago, Jasia Reichart's exhibition "Cybernetic Serendipity" showed that cybernetics, computing and art had arrived.

40 years later, while computers and art remain, cybernetics has nearly vanished, although there is a reviving interest in art.

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