festival or large event, single or multi-day event

Visit Montreal for MUTEK Festival this June

From June 2nd to the 6th Montreal will transform into the quintessential electronic music immersive experience. With over 60 artists from close to a dozen countries, MUTEK returns for its 5th anniversary bearing something for everyone. Given the eleven different showcases, panel discussions, workshops, and a bagful of surprises, audiences will be able to enjoy all permutations of contemporary electronic music from morning to night. And this year being a landmark birthday for the festival, a handful of our past discoveries have returned to mark the occasion with some rare performances. Visit http://www.mutek.ca/ for more details or read more to find out about this year's lineup

Finland's Koneisto Festival turns five

Koneisto, the oldest festival for electronic music and arts in Northern Europe, celebrates its fifth anniversary on 13th and 14th of August 2004. This year the festival will take place in Kaapelitehdas with eight stages. Also other forms of art such as performances and video installations play a big role in relaxed atmosphere of Koneisto. Performances from artists such as Matthew Herbert, The Streets, Richie Hawtin, Jimi Tenor, plus more. visit http://www.koneisto.com for more details

EXIT festival in Eastern Europe

represents the metastate of positive energy, communication, optimism, love and unity with the Nature. The very idea for the marketing campaign bearing the title State of Exit came out of the sight of more than 700 000 visitors enjoying the unique location where music and theatre performances, movie screenings and academic programme are intertwined and simultaneous on more than 20 locations. During the four years of its existence, EXIT Festival has been host to more than 700 000 visitors. read more or visit http://eng.exitfest.org for more information

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Movement : Detroit's Electronic Music Festival 2004

Movement, Detroit's Electronic Music Festival held in Hart Plaza from Saturday May 29- 31, is the largest electronic music festival in the world. The event integrates musical and visual artistry, creativity, diversity and state-of-the-art technology, as more than 70 world-renowned acts perform on multiple stages for over one million fans. Held each year in the birthplace of Techno Music, Movement is the place to be seen on Memorial Day Weekend. The best DJs spin the best beats for a musical bender like none other and it's all FREE. "We're Saving the World from Bad Music" -- Derrick May. visit http://www.movementfestival.com/ for more details

Straight Out of Brisbane

Straight Out of Brisbane / SOOB is a festival of electronic music and youth arts held each year in Brisbane

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Pseudo Sound Project

Pseudo Sound Project is a DIY sub - cultural - portable - independent - electronic - music - moving imagery - label + outfit

Brisbane Writers Festival

Brisbane Writers Festival part of the Brisbane Festival, this is an annual event held over 4 days each October

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Got Funk? productions - melbourne underground breakbeat

Got Funk? productions - melbourne underground breakbeat || Homepage for one of Melbourne's enduring underground breaks promoters - Got Funk? productions ||

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This Is Not Art festival

This is Not Art is an annual music, arts, youth festival held in Newcastle, Australia

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freeNRG : notes from the edge of the dance floor

freeNRG : notes from the edge of the dance floor - AliaK

AliaK spoke with Graham St John regarding his new book about Australian electronic music community, travelling sound systems and DiY party culture.

GRAHAM ST JOHN : EDITOR AND COMPILER OF "freeNRG : notes from the edge of the dance floor" @ FRIGID (HOPETOUN HOTEL, SYDNEY)

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Electrofringe Shop details

Combining Electrofringe, Sound Summit, National Young Writers, Radio Active, Student Media and Critical Animals, the event will bring together Australia's key arts, music and new media figures and international guests for 5 days of panels, workshops and live gigs. This year, there will be an official TINA shop, where product from artists and associated speakers will be available to purchase. If you are interested in having your product sold at the TINA Shop - please email Tim Colman at shop@thisisnotart.org for more details.

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'Cuanto Vale" is a Brisbane compilation CD featuring sounds from dub, jazz and funk to world music, hip hop and reggae.

It features bands Afro Dizzi Act, Hot Rubber Glove, Promiscuous, Plastic Wooden Fruit, Zimbira, 21 Dub Street, Gorgonzola, Kooii, Kafka, Pelusa Funk, Spankinhide, Paul Abad.

The CD launch will benefit the BWCM (Brisbane WTO convergence Mexico).


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