Art Center Nabi

code art + video art from Spain and Latin America.

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Insa Art Center

Korean art gallery, art space, and educational facility.

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Sun Gallery - Sun art center

Seoul gallery containing collections of paintings and sculpture.

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Kukje Gallery

Since it opened in 1982, the Kukje Gallery has been at the forefront in representing the most current and significant tendencies in Korean and international contemporary art. The gallery has established itself as a leading venue for showing works by major international figures such as Helen Frankenthaler, Frank Stella, Robert Mangold, Anthony Caro, Cy Twombly, Ed Ruscha, Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer, Louise Bourgeois, Rachel Whiteread, Jeff Wall, Bill Viola and Anish Kapoor. The exhibitions provide the first rare opportunity for the Korean art audiences to view the works of world-renowned contemporary artists without going abroad. In organizing these exhibitions, the Kukje Gallery works directly with the artists and their galleries and dealers worldwide, establishing important networks for future exchange and collaboration.

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Keumsan Gallery

Keumsan Gallery has been showing contemporary art such as minimal art, installation and media art. Keumsan Gallery has been introducing Korean contemporary art to U.S, Japan, Taiwan, Germany through international exchange exhibitions and international art fair. Moreover, young promising artists such as Walter Valentini, Assadour, Michael Miller, Ota Saburo, Aoki Noe have been introduced into Korea through the interchange exhibitions. Nowadays, Asian artists of China, Japan and Korea are distinguished in the international biennale and art fairs. Keumsan Gallery is concentrating on making Asian network through diverse interchange exhibitions.

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PKM Gallery

contemporary art gallery in Seoul.

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Toi Iho - Maori made artworks

toi iho is a registered trade mark used to promote and sell authentic, quality Maori arts and crafts.

toi iho has also been designed to authenticate exhibitions and performances of Maori arts by Maori artists.

The creation of the mark was facilitated by Te Waka Toi, the Maori arts board of Creative New Zealand, in consultation with Maori artists.

The trademark was designed and created by Maori artists.

HTTP:// House of Technologically Termed Praxis

HTTP:// is London's first dedicated gallery for networked, new media & sound art. It provides a public space for experimental approaches to exhibiting relational, technologically termed art. Dosensos and Furtherfield have joined forces to work with artists from around the world to develop alternative means of exhibiting online and screen-based projects in the gallery context. Artists' projects on

Adam Art Gallery

The Adam Art Gallery - leading critical debate in visual art. The gallery offers a broad programme of exhibitions and events that foster the understanding and practice of national and international visual art and culture. Exhibitions present and critically interpret a range of disciplines, including the visual arts, craft, architecture, design and music and involve areas beyond the humanities.

Artspace New Zealand

ARTSPACE's mission is to challenge, inspire and educate the makers and readers of contemporary culture by producing, exhibiting and communicating contemporary art from a point of view unhindered by the expectation of success or fear of failure.

Govett-Brewster art gallery

The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery is a museum that fosters the development and interpretation of contemporary art.


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