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female noise artists

Team Plastique

Team Plastique - "were" a quartet of posers posing as posers taking plastique style and decadence ala Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Gary Numan to put some much needed "je nais se pas" into the electronic scene. Team Plastique is more than just a band, but a Team that likes to get up to all kinds of stylish escapades like performing in shop windows(Peep Show), creating interactive installations(Teenage Slumber Party and the world's largest plastique bed), producing a Zine (Plastique) and organising dance parties (Club Oops, This is Not Ibiza and Titanique Boat Cruise).

IMCC - soma - black lung - snog

The IMCC is a multi-national, neo-global, conglomeration, created for the purpose of disseminating mind control materials and solutions. In short we have answers for
your life's problems.

From Andrez in Tokyo - new website of electronica interviews

This is Andrez, these days over in Tokyo - I used to run Melbourne's IF? Records, make electronic muzak as Little Nobody, and do hack journalism for papers like Zebra, Beat, 3D World and The Age. Anyway, I've set up a new website where you can check out a back-catalogue of interviews I've done, both new and old, with the likes of Coldcut, Luke Vibert, Andrew Weatherall, Si Begg, Reinhard Voigt, Goldie, Jeff Mills, Claude Young, and Mamoru Oshii (the director of Ghost in the Shell 2)... if you can be bothered!! visit

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DELILAH'S GOLD debut EP released

The self titled debut EP from 'DELILAH'S GOLD' has been released. The four track CD is available to buy from or from the iTunes music store. At 5 GBP including postage and handling, this is a deal you can't miss. The EP has been receiving positive reviews - "The first thing you hear when you put in this CD is the stunning vocals, although this band is not just about vocals, as they play some great guitar harmonys. (sic) . . . I really like this band and if you are looking for something that sounds unique and different then check this band out." --

Statler & Waldorf invite extras to film clip

With the imminent release of their new single "Duck 'n Cover", Australian electronic producers Statler and Waldorf have teamed up with the talented DarcStorm production team to shoot their new clip. Taking place over two days in a private filming session at Brisbane's iconic Moon Bar at the Empire in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, the clip will be filmed in 16mm film format for national distribution and broadcast. Whilst as yet unreleased, early dub plates of "Duck and Cover" released to select DJ's have been generating a hype that's indicative of the momentum Statler & Waldorf have maintained through extensive gigging and festival performances such as Big Day Out and Queensland Music Festival.


Genre: Beats, Jazz, HipHop, Electronica, Pop : Formed in march 2004, Munchkin fuse elements of electronica and pop into their own unique style, their debut album "nothing has changed except for everything" is a journey through various shades of darkness and light. The music is written by bassist/programmer Geddy who provides the canvas and outlines for vocalist kaliah and guitarist/producer Dale to fill in the colours. In the past, Geddy has toured successfully around Australia with his last band BARCODE who also released the successful EP "killing the boy". Kaliah has just returned from three years of travelling around europe and asia where she performed in various locations. Dale has finished his audio diploma and has started a company called "EVOLUTION AUDIO". read more for more information gig dates and band info

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