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Bergerk! Studio and Alien Projects Label

Bergerk! Studio and Alien Projects Label home of Sound Gallery Library and experimental music resources. visit for more details

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Beatroot Recordings

Beatroot Recordings is a collective of electronic/digital/analog/toob artisans. visit for details

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nine09 records

Nine 09 Records is an Australian electronic music label

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Breve Electronica Collective

Breve Electronica Collective is a music collective - artists include anomaly, dark organics, GoKu, Anthony Gore [hive mind], oniKa, orange lozenge, phreaddee. visit for more details

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L'Audible / Impermanent audio

Established by caleb.k in 2000, is concerned with the performance of new musics, focused hearing, still contemplation of abstract audio and the action of listening itself. To date has produced over fifty evenings of sonic experimentation in new improvisation, computer mediated digital audio and acoustic research. The website has links to other sound art artists information, and details of the impermanent audio events - visit for more details

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TaikOz drummers

Taik Oz drummers / performers - East & West, old & new, drums & flutes combine in shows of staggering energy, endurance and strength. visit for more details

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TAIYO is an electronic music collaboration encompasing live trip-hop, trance, drum 'n' bass, acid house, DJs and sound engineers. Based in Brisbane, Australia. visit for more details (old site is )

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Cyclic Defrost Magazine

Cyclic Defrost is Australia's only specialist electronic music magazine.

We cover independent electronic music, avant-rock, experimental sound art and leftfield hip hop. We have no interest in fashion spreads, alcohol or clothing advertising, nor do we accept advertising in the guise of 'editorial'.

The Wire magazine

The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine dedicated to informed, intelligent coverage of a wide range of progressive, adventurous and non-mainstream musics. Its office is based in London, but it serves an international readership.

Got Funk? productions - melbourne underground breakbeat

Got Funk? productions - melbourne underground breakbeat || Homepage for one of Melbourne's enduring underground breaks promoters - Got Funk? productions ||

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endoPHONIC home of cactusman/greg jenkins & richard wilding - sonic texture and spatiality manipulators

endoPHONIC - music for your inner ear

An electronic/acoustic/organic fusion with influences running the
gamut from ambient to bleeding edge classical music, endoPHONIC
present a live mixture of pre-digested and improvised material
that ensures each performance is a distinctive event. With
elements including home-made MIDI controllers, electronic
transformations of acoustic sound sources and real-time software
synthesis the emphasis in each performance is on the exploration
of sonic textures and wefts. The result is a swirling morass of
haunting sonorities and addictive beats.

endoPHONIC is greg jenkins and richard wilding. Both are graduates
of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and have together worked
on various film soundtracks and as part of the composer's

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"Silver Stars" Shine Brightly for Vision Four 5

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Vision Four 5 announce new gigs and releases

When word reached me a week ago that Vision Four 5 were back on the gigging scene again, a shiver went up my spine and a rush of excitement went through me. This was the band that way back in 90-96 or so belted out tracks such as "Everything You Need", "Cyberphobia", "Purple Lamp" and released two albums "Texture" and "Humid" on Volition, the Australian label that typified the Australian electronic / dance music sound at the time. Vision Four 5 were one of the forerunners of this period, combining both music, lyrics and undeniably amazingly interactive graphics using the Amiga 'Mandala' system which provided real-time triggers for sounds and visuals during their energetic live performances. The interactive component of their live performances set them apart from all other Australian bands of the time, and I would even go far as to say from the majority of bands who currently perform these days. I spoke to Noel Burgess from the band about his upcoming gigs, music and some ideas about what makes him who he is today.Vision Four 5 announce new gigs and releases

DMC - It's turntablism time of year again

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Chats with NSW DJs and judges on this years battle

NSW DMC Solo Competition Finals + Interviews with DJ Nino Brown, DJ Subway, DJ Centrix
Saturday July 13th, 2002
Metro Theatre, Sydney

Turntablists are an interesting breed of DJ. They are not like the usual club/dance party/rave DJ who are known for seamlessly mixing one record into the next to create a piece of music which lasts the length of the night and keeps people dancing from go to woe. Turntablists have a few extra tricks up their sleeves which set them apart from the rest. People often crowd around to gaze and amaze at what they are doing. Their hands fly over the mixer and records as they pause now and then to touch the platter or adjust the pitch to create those recognisable percussive sounds whilst scratching, beat juggling and performing technical moves. These guys & gals use the turntable as their instrument. New songs are created on the fly from the conglomeration of beats, riffs, and vocal samples of the records they are cutting between. The resulting piece of music often has a theme, tells a story, or disses other DJs in the process (albeit ususally in jest these days).


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