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Perilous is an archive of the fortnightly column from 3D World magazine written by Seb Chan from Sub Bass Snarl.

The column started in 1992/3 and the site has articles up until 2004 so is a great collection, documentation and snapshot in time of the Sydney and Australian electronic music & hip hop community, gigs and artists


Runtime// Live Computational Arts Symposium
A day of presentations, demos and discussions about algorithmic sound and image performance.

Saturday July 8 2006, 10 am - 4 pm

Venue: Queensland University of Technology

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Our third installment of genre transcending, mind bending, chakra mending disco beats....

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Hot Chips - A night of live electro / laptop rock

Hot Chips - A night of all new electro / laptop rock - Saturday 13th May - The Lansdowne Hotel, 9:00pm, FREE.

Coming up at The Lansdowne on Saturday May 13th is a hotbed of huge electro-rock sound creativity, with Hot Chips, a night of all new laptop rock. Love Shark and The Stoner Funk Orchestra headline, with an exciting, fresh and even funkier new line-up and sound. Super Massive make their debut in support, with a sound that is electronic, dancey, and groovy with some heavy guitars thrown in. The Space Cowboys present electro-space-rock versions of country songs, and The It Boys start the night with some purely live-born computer-based dance music. Featuring some of Sydney's finest musicians in new sonic ventures. Entry is free, and music begins at 9:30pm.

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Ko-Jacq Show Me the Way (Take 4)


I'm starting to produce some tracks under the moniker, Ko-Jacq, and thought to put the 'works in progress' up on the web.
This first track is a drum 'n bass tune called, "Show Me the Way". It's the 4th version of this track thus far. You can find it at I'm contactable at

ps: will post a blog the next time this tune is updated.

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Show Me the Way (Take 4)


I'm producing some music now, under the moniker of Ko-Jacq. Got a drum 'n bass tune, called "Show Me the Way" at It's still a work in progress, but thought to whack it up on the web anyways. I'm not a Virgo, with an aversion to showing my 'works in progress' out in public before they are completed...tehehe

Still trying to find out if Filter (Aliak) has an upload facility, so I can whack the mp3 on this site too...

Anyways, bye for now...Heya,

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STEIM - the studio for electro-instrumental music

STEIM (the studio for electro-instrumental music) is the only independent live electronic music centre in the world that is exclusively dedicated to the performing arts. The foundation's artistic and technical departments supports an international community of performers and musicians, and a growing group of visual artists, to develop unique instruments for their work. STEIM invites these people for residencies and provides them with an artistic and technical environment in which concepts can be given concrete form. It catalyzes their ideas by providing critical feedback grounded in professional experience. These new creations are then exposed to a receptive responsive niche public at STEIM before being groomed for a larger audience.

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sxsw 2006 coverage links

coverage of the 2006 SXSW festival can be found here :

there are audio podcasts from some of the sessions as well as videoblog recordings

the main festival site is @

TransAcoustic Festival, Auckland, 8th-11th December 2005 - (casual) review

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Here's a rough review of TransAcoustic Festival held in Auckland in December 2005. It is actually comprised of a couple of emails sent to the aus_noise yahoogroups mail list and the audio foundation NZ mail list, so is casual / informal in manner & language. (but I like it this way!)

I've added joel stern's review which was also posted to aus_noise. he wrote a formal piece for RealTime magazine also which is available @

Vitamin-S - improvised music in Auckland

What is Vitamin-S?

Vitamin-S was devised as a place where those interested in 'improvised music' could meet, perform, listen to and discuss, and generally interact with, all aspects of this complex and largely misunderstood art form. As improvisation is the most widely practised of genres, it may be necessary to define two main forms:

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