STEIM - the studio for electro-instrumental music

STEIM (the studio for electro-instrumental music) is the only independent live electronic music centre in the world that is exclusively dedicated to the performing arts. The foundation's artistic and technical departments supports an international community of performers and musicians, and a growing group of visual artists, to develop unique instruments for their work. STEIM invites these people for residencies and provides them with an artistic and technical environment in which concepts can be given concrete form. It catalyzes their ideas by providing critical feedback grounded in professional experience. These new creations are then exposed to a receptive responsive niche public at STEIM before being groomed for a larger audience.

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ok, these links aren't all strictly hip hop, but some of the galleries do show some graf, and if you're visiting NZ/Auckland, it's worth checking them out.

in the galleries, there's usually an "Artwalk K Road" brochure created by the K Road Business Association - this is where all these links & descriptions come from. (typos & errors below are mine)

K Road = Karangahape Road, I'll use the abbreviation to save more typos

The New Zealand Film Archive

The New Zealand Film Archive has three principal functions—to collect, protect and project New Zealand's moving image heritage.

Established in 1981, the Film Archive is an independent charitable trust overseen by a Board of Trustees representing film, archival, Maori and community interests. The Film Archive's constitution (PDF, 76K) and kaupapa (PDF, 76K) express a unique commitment to collect, protect and project New Zealand's film and television history.

MIC - The Moving Image Centre (NZ)

The Moving Image Centre (MIC) promotes a dynamic and growing culture of media-arts practice in Auckland and New Zealand, supporting an environment of innovation, in which fusion of art and technology is developed and nurtured.

turbulence - net art since 1996

turbulance has been commissioning net art projects since 1996. the website contains documentation and information about upcoming and past projects. visit for more details

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Alias Frequencies

Alias Frequencies are an Australian organization that promotes and publishes media art, with an emphasis on collage-based experimental electronic music. Their website includes information about the artists as well as excellent articles about the Sydney electronic / experimental music community and performance spaces. Artists in the collective include

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Australian Government - Culture and Recreation portal

The Culture and Recreation Portal provides access to online services and information in the fields of culture and recreation, from all levels of government and the non-government sector. We provide access and search facilities for over 3,200 Australian sites.

The Australia Institute - research for future change

The Australia Institute is an independent public policy research centre funded by grants from philanthropic trusts, memberships and commissioned research. Those involved in the Institute have each, from different viewpoints, been concerned about the impact on Australian society of the priority given to a narrow definition of economic efficiency over community, environmental and ethical considerations in public and private decision making. A better balance is urgently needed. Visit their site @ for more information

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