Firestorm Mixtape launch @ Club 77 (Sydney)

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today I'm listening to... KITKA

today I'm listening to:

I heard one of the songs whilst watching a video so checking out the album.

I hadn't heard of KITKA before - they're a group of Eastern European women vocalists.

"Kitka is a professional women's vocal ensemble dedicated to producing concerts, recordings, and educational programs that develop new audiences for music rooted in Eastern European women's vocal traditions. Kitka also strives to expand the boundaries of this music as an expressive art form."

" Now approaching its 25th Anniversary season, Kitka was founded in 1979 as an offshoot of the Westwind International Folk Ensemble. Kitka began as a grassroots group of amateur singers from diverse ethnic and musical backgrounds who met regularly to share their passion for the stunning dissonances, asymmetric rhythms, intricate ornamentation, lush harmonies, and resonant strength of Eastern European women's vocal music. Under the artistic direction of vocalist, composer, and conductor Bon Brown Singer from 1981 to 1996, Kitka blossomed into a refined professional ensemble earning international renown for its artistry, versatility, and mastery of the demanding techniques of Balkan and Slavic vocal styling."

'Over and Over Dub' - the new single from Dsico That No-Talent Hack

'Over and Over Dub' is the new single from Dsico That No-Talent Hack. Available now through iTunes, 'Over & Over Dub' is the new single from Dsico That No-Talent Hack, taken from the forthcoming compilation Clan Analogue In Version. 'Over & Over Dub' was written using a bassline provided by In Version Executive Producer Scot McPhee. The track is backed with 'Stone's Throw', an exclusive track from Dsico unavailable elsewhere and recorded in the best traditions of 80's 7" single dub mix B-sides! The leading Australian pioneer of mashups and plunderphonics, Luke Collision, aka Dsico, gained a reputation internationally with performances at the seminal Bastard club in London, MFOC (Hamburg), Pop.X (Berlin) an other venues in Moscow, Dublin, Newcastle, Birmingham, NYC, San Francisco and L.A. Now back in Sydney, Dsico has laid the mashups to rest and morphed into a fully-fledged two-piece electronic live band. Dsico's new direction was first heard on the Clan Analogue compilation Doppler Shift: electro selections with the track 'Waiting for You', released under the name of Luke Collision. 2005 has seen several Dsico releases, including the You Fight Like a Girl and Fool albums, combining electronics with guitar, bass and vocals, all through the prism of classic pop. Dsico is now gaining a new wave of fans through gigs at the 'This Is Not Art' festival and various clubs in Sydney.

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Brisbane artists Kunt are Women (who) Take Back the Noise

The Women Take Back the Noise project is a showcase collection of over 40 women artists worldwide who experiment with sound in various ways - ranging from ambient-organic to quirky-glitch-beat to harsh or extreme noise (and other categories yet to be defined...) Brisbane's noise artists Kunt as well as international artists such as Californinan bLevin bLectum and New Zealander Solanas, are featured on the release - keep an eye out for the custom-made circuit bent packaging release due out later this year. visit for more details on the release. Kunt are also touring with Justice Yeldham and his Dynamic Ribbon Device and Nora Keys through Scandinavia and Italy from 21 October - 6 November, and with Scorpio Scorpio in November. read more for details or visit

Beatroot - new release from Soup due September

"Beatroot" (the edible root of the beat), Soup's new 14 track album will be released on September 11th on Invada Records. You can catch Soup performing at gigs around Australia on his tour from September - December. read more or visit and for more details.

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Ornithologist's Delight - Sparrow Hill Launch at Frigid Aug 21

This week, Frigid features two quirky local live acts with an ornithological theme and is hosting the launch of Sydney alt-pop outfit Sparrow Hill's debut album. Melbourne post-rock outfit Scissors For Sparrow also plays a live set. read more for details or visit

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DELILAH'S GOLD debut EP released

The self titled debut EP from 'DELILAH'S GOLD' has been released. The four track CD is available to buy from or from the iTunes music store. At 5 GBP including postage and handling, this is a deal you can't miss. The EP has been receiving positive reviews - "The first thing you hear when you put in this CD is the stunning vocals, although this band is not just about vocals, as they play some great guitar harmonys. (sic) . . . I really like this band and if you are looking for something that sounds unique and different then check this band out." --

Deluder "Omniality"

Release Date 1st August 2005 by Deluder Records. According to deluder 'Omniality' is 'the state of combining all things' and his stunning debut is just that: illustrating genres and scenes don't have to be as closely segregated as they often seem. He's a producer who'd love to avoid being pigeonholed, but does he really think it's possible? "People feel the need to categorize music" admits deluder "which I can understand, but sometimes it isn't the most constructive thing you can do for a artist, label, club or scene. I aim to get people saying 'yeah, but deluder makes house, progressive, breaks and chill too, not just trance!', which is true, but realistically most people will probably think of 'Omniality' as a trance album - because it's so damn melodic. I guess that's the one common theme throughout." mp3s and more information are available from

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