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vloggercon 2006 from second life

I didn't make it to vloggercon06, but caught a couple of the saturday sessions online. second life was pretty quiet - they must have got the video working inworld after I left.

I saw some via the vloggercon website though and was on the chat channel for a bit.

there's links to video recordings of the sessions here

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vPIP - video Playing in Place from Cinegage Utilities

Cinegage Utilites have developed an elegant solution to posting videos on websites with their vPIP utility. Now it's easy to post multiple videos on a single page and have them play one at a time. The Play in Thickbox feature is pretty cool too - the video movie plays as an overlay on the page you're on. Visit the Cinegage Utilites website to download and find out more : http://utilities.cinegage.com/videos-playing-in-place/ or click on the image below to view a quick demo (& an elephant in delhi)

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Another drive to work video - New Delhi 28/04/2006

here's another video of part of the drive to work - this time you can see some of the apartments, shops and people of New Delhi (southern region).

itunes seems to play the direct links, otherwise try videolan if the video doesn't play in the browser automatically. try double clicking the video window in th browser to start playing

--UPDATE : I've changed the video player link below to use the vPIP (video Playing in Place) utility from Cinegage Utilities and quicktime seems to like it better!
try the util for yourself @ http://utilities.cinegage.com/videos-playing-in-place/

double click on the movie to play and stop if it doesn't autoplay

direct link - mpeg4 video format (~8Mb):

direct link - .mv4 video ipod / psp format (~15.2Mb)

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Delhi - Drive to work video

Here's a quick video I shot whilst driving to work yesterday - it's of a few scenes in New Delhi, India. I don't really like talking on camera but thought it was time I practiced and started uploading some more videos.

It's an .mv4 file - hopefully it will open in QuickTime!

or click on the link below for direct download / to open file manually


20060205 Auckland drive

Ever been on a drive where the countryside is so beautiful it's hard to pick the most beautiful part of it. I took some video - the collage doesn't do the day justice but perhaps gives some idea. There was so much to look at I had to choose some of the finer details to concentrate on.

This video was created in eZedia QTI for Windows. I'm trying out the software - you can add interactive components but for this example I didn't. I just left it simple. There's a limit to 5 objects on the trial version as well so I couldn't fit any more objects in without going over save/export limit! The only thing I don't like about it is that I need to host the videos locally (at least all together on another site of mine) instead of using a remote site such as archive.org. Which means if I use this technique again, I'll need to use smaller video files and loop them. Hopefully this doesn't make my site go over bandwidth - it's only a very small webspace. Oh well. See how it goes.

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videoblog mind map

There's been lots of discussion on the vlogtheory yahoogroups list about videoblogging - debates over content, medium etc. I've done up a quick mind map (using sourceforge freemind) to try to collect my thoughts. it may not be completely in line with the ideas of the group, but could be useful as a starting point to capture thoughts, for me at least. I haven't included everything yet, but it's a start.

current version :
( see http://www.aliak.com/files/videoblog_v02.mm attached )

Expand - Collapse

or below is a screenshot of the mm/pdf file.

if you cannot read the text in the image, try opening the larger version @ http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=96141734&size=o


click 'read more' for initial version & previous versions:

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Happy Birthday fireworks

Auckland's SKYTOWER turned 10 today so they turned on the fireworks this evening.
Happy Birthday Darren :)

Happy Birthday fireworks 01/02/2006

click on the image to goto the video player page

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Auckland skyline

Auckland's summer skyline was amazing over the city this evening. The camera doesn't do the colours justice!

Auckland city skyline 29/01/2006

click on the image to goto the video player page

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