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Battle of the Year Australia 2003 - breakdancing finals video

a slideshow video of Battle of the Year Australia 2003 breakdancing finals held in Sydney 09/09/2003 at the State Sports Centre at Homebush Bay.

photos @ http://flickr.com/photos/aliak_com/tags/boty2003/

music is "Step Back Child" from five piece funk outfit, CROPPER from the Battle Of The Year BBoy Beats N breaks Annual 2003 CD.

http://www.aliak.com/node/206 & http://www.aliak.com/node/168 have info about the event

http://blip.tv/file/71287 has a video of the Wikid Force breakers performance.

Wickid Force breakers @ BOTY 2003, Sydney - video

this is a video of the Wickid Force breakdance crew at Battle of The Year 2003 in Sydney, Australia. 09/08/2003

the audio is a bit distorted so you might want to turn it down, but it gives you an idea of the energy of their performance - both style and technical moves!

the video file is about 100Mb so could take a while to load depending on your net connection

I found a video of Wickid Force's performance at BOTY2003 Germany on youtube also @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrPRafzxye8

http://flickr.com/photos/aliak_com/tags/wikidforce/ has some photos from BOTY2000 in Hannover, Germany.

other photos of Battle of the Year are at :

BOTY2000 Germany

BOTY 2002 Sydney

BOTY 2003 Sydney

An Australian History Mural

this is one story of the history of modern Australia told in mural format. it's painted on the side of a freeway at the rear carpark of Toombul Shoppingtown in Brisbane, Australia.

music is "The Block" by Morganics featuring the Wilcannia Mob

Other Film Festival Sound Walk, Brisbane 24/03/2006 - video

I went along to the Sound Walk workshop and walk at Other Film Festival in Brisbane earlier this year. here's a slideshow video of some photos taken along the walk. it brought back such memories! the walk was from South Bank to the city along the river. we went through the Botannical Gardens near QUT Gardens Point which is where I went to Uni. everything was so familiar though I hadn't been there in a few years.

the music is "Don't you worry" by The Beloved

::: location:

Ponyloaf @ Frigid, Sydney, 13/04/2003 - DDT

Ponyloaf performed live @ Frigid at the Hopetoun Hotel in Sydney, 13/04/2003. this is a quick video made from video taken on the night. the song is DDT by Ponyloaf from the Emit One album.

http://www.ponyloaf.com.au is their website

http://flickr.com/photos/aliak_com/tags/ponyloaf/ has photos from the night as well as other performances by the band.

::: location:

Bethells Beach, New Zealand

here's a slideshow video of a trip to Bethells Beach, not far from Auckland, New Zealand. 19/02/2006.

it's my favourite Auckland beach - dark, volcanic sand that sparkles in the sun. it's one of those raw untouched beaches where the sand dunes are still untouched, though erosion has started on them. like the beaches in QLD when we used to go as kids.

music is "Relaxin' with Cherry" by Kid Loco

Audio Foundation Artspace Performances 18/02/2006

mhfs, Sean Kerr, Robin Fox performed live @ Artspace in Auckland on 18/02/2006.

this is a slideshow video of some photos taken on the night

http://www.aliak.com/node/2227 has some other documentation of the night


music in the video is "Reel Life" by Cinematic Orchestra


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