1. [blog] gps coordinate conversion shell script: finally (!) the gps coordinates conversion script is workin.. http://tinyurl.com/ccpozb
  2. yay finally got my gps co-ord conversion script working :) I cheated though and prepared the i/p file before converting. works well now
  3. [blog] html 5 video & audio tags test: Jay Deadman has been letting us know about the new html 5 video &am.. http://tinyurl.com/cwg343
  4. actually I think I need coffee for this or more sleep. or both
  5. trying html 5 video tag - it works for OGG but not other video formats. (for me at least) & some attributes don't work. I need more egs
  6. checking out all the earthquakes @WheresItShaking - Earth's movin' & a a shakin' regularly
  7. yay finally my script is working - always seems to happen on fridays - things come together
  8. trying to get things that work in command line to work in a script. ground hog day
  9. cool, that facebook app thinks I'm 27. it's almost like being asked for ID these days
  10. @stickyinstitute wow congrats! hey thanks for the bumper set of zines this month too - so many!!! they're all great
  11. @brookhinton I might too. for some crazy reason I usually do the month not the week. I'm thinking a 'sam renseiw patalab' theme for my vids
  12. @vogmae are you going to do videoblogging week this year?
  13. I see different buttons here every day. is this little box to right going to be where ads go? did twitter find it's bu$ model? 'more' is new
  14. @Phaycenawth sorry I haven't been to either so not sure
  15. what's going on with Nature & Melbourne
  16. <| seeing triangles everywhere |>
  17. cool. RU Sirius is working on a new transhumanist mag - mondo 2000 phase II ?? ahh explains his upcoming course http://www.hplusmagazine.com
  18. I should send him one back
  19. cool - the TwoHeads zine I ordered from UK arrived. he wrote a nice note & said I was the only person in southern hemisphere to have a copy.
  20. streaming video - ahh gotta love cache settings causing trouble