1. lol this is what my AR would prob turn out like http://vimeo.com/4330719
  2. @bensuthers would be fun to have some around the city - maybe QR / AR code - for scanner (info) + camera (3d)?
  3. @bensuthers yeah similar. u print out the (fiducial) AR marker, the show it to your webcam http://tinyurl.com/al7zgs has instructions
  4. @LukeSnarl have u tried it? I don't have a webcam on this computer. will have to wait till hometime
  5. very cool !! @LukeSnarlAwesome!!! RT: @fling just saw this very cool demo of GE's Augmented Reality: http://bit.ly/9V5hV
  6. @sofieloizou @unsungsongs - u could do a Time mag and say the award goes to "YOU" :)
  7. @sofieloizou sofie u should def be on it too! 100 is way too low - maybe they should take the 1000+ on the fb group - everyone plays a part!
  8. @unsungsongs still think u belong there. alex white? somaya langley? urthboy dan mackinley? Gail Priest?
  9. @unsungsongs Marcus you should be on that list for sure!! (or do u count as melb/newcastle ie non-sydney?) great selection
  10. @markpollard suit/dinner jacket?
  11. 7.6 - just a drill. glad to hear it
  12. 7.6 - that's a pretty strong earthquake isn't it?
  13. this looks great @wluers, thanks - did u go along? [ video documentation from the Expanded Cinema Conference: http://bit.ly/RWzcE ]
  14. why is it whenever I book tix/make plans work says, can you go to XXX (indonesia this time) next week. this is why I hardly ever book in adv
  15. @Ryanne so not sure if they're still called joeys once out of the pouch. I'd prob still call them that. but not sure if it's correct/proper
  16. @Ryanne I read they're in the pouch till about 9mths. then outside but still feed via the mother. then another joey can be born.
  17. @Ryanne glad u got to see the kangaroos up close - so many! did u see a joey too?
  18. a(k)ni(t)mation "Don’t Let it All Unravel” knitted film http://bit.ly/60UMa
  19. reminds me of spacey sci-fi soul
  20. @13thSon - listening to your mixtape now. I really like it! I hope the sky's not falling. songs from the heart