Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Most of the Hebrew that I Know

Ma ohd at rotsah. What else do you want?
Ptcock nua. Traffic jam.
Cha noot. Shop.
Na al laym. Shoes.
Enein. Eyes.
Yafoht. Beautiful.
Yesh la. You have.
Ma. What.
Cama. How.
Ossah. Do or doing.
Poh. Here.
Haver. Friend.
Sheli. My.
Ze. Is.
Ani nosahat. I am going.
Eem. With.
Nachad. Driver.
Meshiga. Crazy.
Nechmad. Pretty.
Yah cha lo mi. Diamond.
Merchatz. Center.
Meeleem. Web.
Alef. A
Bed. B
Gimmel. C
Ohd. Letter
Mashev. Computer.
Kneesah. Enter.
Et. Who.
Mechavevet. Like.
Meyashenet. Smoke. Girl.
Meyashen. Smoke. Boy.
Dzman. Time.
Yom. Day.
Chodesh. Month.
Shanah. Year.
Shmeech. My name is.
Student. Male student.
Studentit. Female student.
Kibbutz. Commune
Lo med. Study (male)
Lo medet. Study (female)
Rey foo ah. Medicine.
Meeschact. Acting.
Nachon. That's right.
Medeberet. Speak (female)
Medeber. Speak (male)
Oved. Work (male).
Ovedet. Work (female).
Cafe. Coffee shop.
Beh mess ah dah. In a restaurant.
Toda raba. Thank you very much.
Mamash. Totally.
Ma ohd? what else?
Ani holeh a lie eech. I am sick on you; I'm so in love with you it makes me sick; I love you to the point of being lovesick, etc...... Boy to girl.
Ani hola a ley cha. I am sick on you; I'm so in love with you it makes me sick; I love you to the point of being lovesick, etc...... Girl to boy.
Shalom. Hi.
Toda. Thank you.
Bevakasha. You're welcome.
Metuka. Sweetie. Boy to girl.
Matok. Sweetie. Girl to boy.
Yoam. Day.
Yoam Alef. Sunday.
Yoam Bet. Monday.
Yoam Gimel. Tuesday.
Yoam Dalet. Wednesday.
Yoam Hey. Thursday.
Yoam Vav. Friday.
Yoam Shabbat. Saturday.
Ani ohel. I am eating.
Hibook. Hug.
Ani rotsah lehabeck othah. I want to hug you.
Ani rotsha hibook. I want a hug.
Ko eem lee Joni. They call me Joni.
Shemesh. Sun.
Ghesehm. Rain.

Yesh lee haveo. I already have a boyfriend.
Shalom. Hello.
Todah. Thank you.
Mashlomeh. How are you girl.
Mashlomha. How are you boy.
Subabba. Superb.
Dai. No way!
Mhesuyan. Very good.
Ken. Yes.
Lo. No.
Tamshish. Continue.
Boker tov. Good morning.
Lila tov. Good night.
Mah koreh. What's happening?
Hakol tov. All is good.
Nehshikah. Kiss.
Ani. Me or I.
Rohtsah. Want.
Naeem mehod. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Aesthetica. Aesthetics.
Sameach. Happy boy.
Samehah. Happy girl.
Tov. Good.
Rah. Bad.
Atsuv. Sad.
Hofshi. Free.
Teta. Theta.
Ata. You.
Ani. Me.
Meod. Very.
Yofi. Great.
Yafeh. Good or beautiful.
Ain. Eye.
Madhin. Amazing.
Kohav. Star.
Ech koeem layha. What is your name?
Vey lach. And you?
Achla. Great.
Taim. Tasty.
Be va casha. Please and you're welcome.
Ani Joni. I am Joni.
Ko eem lee Joni. They call me Joni.
Na eem maod. Pleasure to meet you.
Goof. Body.
Etsba. Finger.
Etsba oht. Fingers.
Yad. Hand.
Lev. Heart.
Lashon. Tongue.
Michtav. Letter.
Shir. Song.
Vey ah ta? And you?
Beh va ka sha. You're welcome.
Slii hah. Excuse me.
Tealchatz al hapachiot bevakasha. Squeeze the cans please.
Veh ha session. This is the session.
Heventi. I understood.
Ani meyveena. I understand.
Ata tetan hofshi. You are a very free thetan.
ani ossah meh ti chot. I am doing my workout stretches
naeem lakeer. nice to meet you (another variation)
Talgia. Command.
Sarich ley ah gia. He should relax.
Ma? What?
Ata ahyef? Are you tired?
Ata rah ev? Are you hungry?
Kach et hapachiot bevakasha. Pick up the cans please.
Haeem nehtsirah huchte-ah? Has a withhold been missed?
A session hah vey.... in this session......
ach rey after
Gam shelach. Yours too.
Shmech. Your name. to a female
Sheemcha. Your name. to a male
Ley heet rah ot. See you.
Yom. A day.
Neef la. Wonderful.
Shalom means peace, hello and goodbye.
Leh heet rah oht. See you.
Yom neef la. Have a wonderful day.
Gam. Also.
When I'm asking a female her name, I say, ma shmech?
When I'm asking a male his name, I say, ma shmeemcha?
Kola kavod. Way to go!
Kavod. respect.
kola. all.
sareech. need.
sli cha. sorry or excuse me.
gayay proud.
bach. in you.
Ani gayay bach. I'm proud of you. boy to girl.
Ani gayah bechah. I'm proud of you. girl to boy.
Tamshich kahah! Continue!
Sabbabba legambre. Totally superb.
Ani legambre mezina. I totally understand you.
Legambre. Totally.
Aht. You. for a girl.
Ata. You. for a boy.
Hakol tov. It's all good.
Ata maxim. adorable.
Maxim. adorable
Ani meod gayay bach. I've very proud of you.
SUcar. Sweet!
ohmanit. artist.
Ani achshov alecha. I will think of you.
Ehchad. One
Shta-eem Two.
Shalosh. Three

Arba. Four.
Chamesh. Five
Shesh. Six.
Shevah. Seven.
Shmoneh. Eight.
Teysha. Nine.
Effel. Ten
Seret. Movie.
Meod meragesh. Very exciting.
Ahalan. Taken from Arabic and used to say hello.
Ley cha ma ya lim? For how many days?
Le-ya-chid. Single.
Televisia. TV.
Boh ee at tee. Come with me.
Beh va dai. Of course.
Yesh. Is there? OR there is.
Kama. How many.
Ley-cha-ma. For how many.
Yameem. Days.
Zugee. Double.
Maz-gan. Air conditioner.
Kol. All.
Bey-chol. In all.
Hadareem. Rooms.
Pah-nuui. Vacant.
Kah say-fet. Safe.
Leer-oht. To see.
Gveer tee. Miss.
Hedel. Room.
Angleet. English.
At. You (woman).
Mevina. Understand.
Ani loh mevina Heevlrit. I don't understand Hebrew.
Ktsat. A little.
Ani mevina ktsat. I understand a little.
Heevlrit. Hebrew.
Americai. American.
Need. Tzaich.