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Speak Beats- 21st Century Visualised Triphop

Four of Melbourne's finest purveyors of lush sounds ranging from smooth liquid triphop, dub and sample based beat landscapes to squelchy, 8-bit glitch unite to deliver a night of synaesthetic delight for your auditory and visual pleasure. V.J. accompaniment by Shower Screens (Gertrude Projection Festival) and Siadatz (Uber Lingua) will be augmenting the multimedia experience of fresh local producers of organic electronic music, White Minus Red, Ionic, Editer and Paranym.

White Minus Red combine elements of triphop, dub and jazz, live instrumentation with Ableton powered technology and soulful vocals. Fronted by Sarah McDonald (ex Symbiosis, Bois et Charbon), with Liam O'Connell (Agency Dub Collective, 30B), Ben Ganley (Agency Dub Collective), Jon Hopkins (Agency Dub Collective, Malicine) and Leigh Hegg (OffBeat@Horse Bazaar, Plankton), White Minus Red have graced many a festival stage (Falls, Renaissance, Folk Rhythm + Life, Sustainable Living Festival) and are ones to watch.

Expat Novacastrian duo, Ionic have been getting many a party started since relocating to Melbourne with their unique and tasty blend of sample based, beat laden electronica, as well as gracing venues, galleries and festivals (Gertrude Projection Festival, Icicles and Raindrops). To follow up their latest release, Prototype 2.0, the Ionic lads, Stu and Div are in the process of recording a new album, so keep your ears open.

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