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blockchain based NFT art works (current) ::: driftings in drawings ::: a collection / sample of older works + new (h=n link) ::: a collection / sample of older works + new
::: article on some of my work in The Tickle magazine ::: my place in the tz1and virtual world — specture and sentimental chairs ::: generative blockchain based drawings for my series:

  • specture ::: putting extinct (NSW) species onto the blockchain — what if in future this is the only place they exist?
  • sentimental chairs ::: memories and domestic furniture & objects whilst packing up a life — the entanglement and patina of life as remnants of time ::: text based NFT — articles / features / blog posts, musings, blockchain MOO experiments ::: on chain haiku ::: art works ::: an ark[hive] | archive of articles by AliaK / blog / 3log, hosted/archived on the tezos blockchain / IPFS ::: AliaK ark[hive] ::: redirects to

    AliaK projects (previous) ::: [filter] Australian electronic music, hip hop, sound art & arts project listings & AliaK blog (main site) ::: AliaK records ::: digital download of some talented Australian music artists (+ dreams of 7" vinyl releases which are still on todo list) ::: Brisbane dance parties archive ::: an archive of Brisbane dance music, electronic music, hip hop and sound art from 1987-2001 (research stages) ::: the Stealth collection ::: an archive listing the Stealth Magazine Australian hip hop CD collection ::: #turntabletag ::: documenting the current state of play in Australian turntablism via turntablists' videos ::: love you Brisbane remix project ::: textiles, fibre, fabric manipulation, art, printing, painting, drawing, art books, projects, communities and artists ::: textile arts listings for projects, workshops and exhibitions ::: explorations in textiles ::: AliaK's textile explorations (& uni course blog) (2020 update: migrated to blog) ::: dropping the feed dogs ::: a place for hand & machine embroidery, knitting, weaving, textiles art (2020 update: migrated to blog) ::: exploring the human touch in handmade objects (2020 update: migrated to blog) ::: sound recordings made by AliaK over the years – sound walks, conferences / talks, some interviews (often low/noisy audio quality though)

    community projects ::: funds for da masta ::: documenting the fundraising auction for da masta ::: the stealth board 10th anniversary cd project ::: stop killing whales ::: news on whales ::: swap for Hunts ::: documenting the #swapForHunts project of Mass MC

    Wikipedia editing ::: mostly Australian music articles, some Australian women artist/musician articles

    coming soon ::: in progress ::: tech + art + creative services, office & studio space ::: the withdrawing room - office, studio space & window gallery (in planning) ::: ark[hive] magazine ::: an ark[hive] of Australian electronic music, hip hop and sound art from 1987-2004 ::: kindreds press ::: ebooks and chapbooks ::: briz:b:e:a:t:s internet radio show held on from 2000-2004 (being transferred from & where it's currently located) ::: [filter] Australian electronic music, hip hop, sound art & arts project listings (that were located on - some exist there now but the site has problems)