[bris] GET CONNECTED industry forum - Improving your networks and networking skills

Are you a local community based arts or cultural organization, a community artist or local festival organizer? Want to know how to start up a network?
Or how to keep one going successfully? How to use online technology to network better? How to grow opportunities for your members by linking to other networks?

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[bris] Reclaim the Night Meets 6pm Tnight and every Tues Night. All women welcome

Reclaim the Night Meetings are held weekly at Women's House to help STOP all forms of violence against women

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[mt tamborine] Coming soon to Club Zamia!

Sat 16th August Carlos Panguana Performance 8pm tickets $15/12 @ Zamia Theatre. Workshop

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[bris] Time Tunnel approaching ...jump in! + hardcore news of the week!

In this edition Time Tunnel News, Lab4 update with 2 extra
internationals just added!, more breaks, hardhouse & progressive trance acts announced for the Summer Advent*jah Festival, the international award winning Brisbane DJ and the deal with BK (Nukleuz) - Time Tunnel is fast approaching for the big Ekka holiday

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[brisbane] Huge Reggae Show This Saturday

A FORMER Valley stripclub is Rhythm Collision Sound System's new all night monthly reggae venue. Support the local reggae scene and get along and check a wicked linup this Saturday: Roots Reggae, Dub, Dancehall, Ragga

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