:::::::::::::: SATURDAY THE 29TH MAY 8PM ::::::::::::::::

:::::::::::: IC CAMPUS NORTH WOLLONGONG ::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::::: THE DIGITAL MEDIA CENTER :::::::::::::::::::

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::$10 @ the Door:::::::::::::::::::::::::::


A strange location for a gig, but hey who's complaining. A seriously diverse line up, a kick ass PA, free bus to the door and probably the most left of field event in Wollongong you'll find on a Saturday night. Are you ready to go nuts!!!!

Julian Knowles (QLD), Hinterlandt (GER, SYD), FUKNO (GONG)

$10 on the door. 8pm till late.

Get on the guest list by hitting the attend button and receive discounted entry. Everyone likes a bargain. Sign me up SGT. Cycle!

How do you expect me to get to the gig? Directions on how to get to the IC Campus:


and a map here in PDF format of the Innovations Campus.:


::Julian Knowles:: [ QLD ]

Julian Knowles is an Australian composer and performer, specialising in new and emerging technologies. His creative work spans the fields of composition for theater, dance, film and television, electronic music, sound and new media arts, popular music and record production. Since the mid-1980s, he has established himself as a prominent artist in the area of electronic and new music, achieving significant critical recognition for his performances and recordings.

His current musical output seeks to hybridise popular music structures in experimental electronic music contexts.


::FUKNO:: [ Wollongong, NSW ]

Cut and paste electronics, harsh noise, gabba, and karaoke.
FUKNO aka Guy Sterling is/has been banging his head against harsh noise, cut and paste/sample based electronics, performance and a variety of print based art forms including self publishing/zines for about 15 years. Working in collaborative groups and independently under pseudonyms including 7U?, Rank Sinatra, Dj Rainbow Ejaculation, rev777?, someguy, Count Zoloft, YSL, FUKNO, System Corrupt, Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society, no frills and Victime de Mode. And will continue to so until he either falls over or starts receiving arts grants

Contact:sevenuy[at]hotmail[dot]com(replace [at] with @ etc)


Hinterlandt was founded by Jochen Gutsch in Australia in 2002 as an experimental music project. It relocated to Germany in 2004, before re-relocating to Sydney in 2010. Hinterlandt is known for long compositions that swing back and fourth between beauty, noise, rhythms, ambiances, melodies, silence and guitar feedbacks.

Hinterlandt has taken on many guises and is known to constantly change shape and colour. Live performances were played in various formats in Cologne, London, Rome, Sydney, Hamburg, Melbourne, Lisbon, Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, and many other places.


::News:: for anyone that reads this far down... well done :-)

August - Alex White and Anna Chase
September - 2 Very Special Guests!

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