[adelaide] PSP009 in 2004 @ DEVILgully

Pseudo Sound Project Inc (PSP) is Adelaide's only
indi-electro-sonik-image-label-conservation organisation, combining
electronic music, the moving image and mass native revegetation work of
unprecedented creativity and originality verve.

PSP009 will be held 3rd week of march 2004 as STAGE02 of a 6 stage
revegetation and biodiveristy program planed for 'Devil Gully' and links on
the mid East coast Region of Yorke Peninsula. PSP009 will be a 3 day fete,
of planting over 2000 tube stock of indigenous species, killing noxious
weeds, dancing, swimming, camping, chilling out, challenging the norm and
yourself, learning about environmental sustainability and appreciating
nu-live electronic music and moving image works by leading Local artists.
This is an early opportunity to express your interest in getting involved,
express your artistic ideas, and mark your calender

we are looking for more :
-young volunteers who can plant trees, (can be anyone - but prefer 26 and
under because of our links/responsibly with other organisations)
-vjs / audiovisual artists (professional) willing to play live, experiemnt
with screen installation, project onto sea water.
-electronic musicians / sound artists (professional) willing to play/compose
their stuff live, - has to be minimal, tek; micro; organica; electro; scape;
genres (no mainstream genres).
-sculptors/visual artists who can work on grand scales, perminate public art
installations. We have a sacred dry rock structure planned, but are keen on
any installation that dose not have any adverse impact on the environment.

-camerapeople - interesting in helping capturing footage/photos for a film
about psp009
-donations of equipment/stuff, such as wheel barrows, shovels, computers
parts, old mixing desks, lighting, electric parts, trees, tools, piping,
extension cables - ...etc.
-promtion - put us on your e-zine, mail-out, article, database, post up -
whatever u can do.

This is a community beneficial project. all artists and workers are donating
their services.
help put back into the earth what we humans took from it. help support
bazzar and fasanting underground electronic/digital music/art. This project
is going to rock!

email: psp@internode.on.net

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