ampersand and etc - music reviews

# UPDATE: 2003_n became Ampersand notes - short reviews - & has been continuing & is now available as text files. Happy with the slow flow of material as is.

# As of edition 2003_n ampersand is in suspended animation - I need a rest and refocus. Issue n will come out soon with material I have on hand, but for the moment we are not looking for new material - I cannot promise to review stuff that comes in. It has been great fun, enjoyable but most of all a priveledge to recieve and review so much wonderful material. Thans to the artists and those who read and received it.

# Ampersand etcetera is a musical newsletter for reviews of music I like. It follows from my experience writing for vivisect and ambience, a magazine which folded but whose archives exist at ambience (or at least, used to).
# Ampersand etcetera is a personal view: it combines reviews of promotional discs with stuff I bought - and reflects my broad tastes.

# And the promised project is an alphalisting of artists/recordings/reviews is finished for all volumes to date, and available as a spreadsheet for the fanatic! Now to 2003_jk!!! A reminder - due to circumstances within my control (ie poor preplanning) the list is in artist order by first name (of first named in collaborations): obviously with the XLS you can resort by label or issue.
# Next promise - to update the links page: ampersand has many more 'friends' and supporters