Aus & NZ post code + gps co-ord list

do u know if there's a NZ postcode, gps co-ord list available? drupal does some nice location things with gps co-ords and it might be possible to add the google maps to the venue/artists locations if u're wanting something like that?

the location module does it now for US postcodes, but I haven't seen a similar NZ based list. it'd be easy enough to create the data in correct format if such information exists and is freely available.

I think the post codes in NZ would have to pick a general co-ord as of course they cover a wide area.. eg pick a centre point or edge point. I saw the NZ posts maps of post codes, I guess we could always overlay them over a map with co-ords and make a rough list if need be. perhaps start with a couple of the larger cities if that's where most people are centralised?

similarly I'm looking for an Australian list also. I can get the postcodes, but don't have the gps co-ords

update: UK, Australia & NZ seems to be unsupported in google maps and yahoo maps so this probably won't work...

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