[bris] What's to be Done? Activism Today (screening at CCCS/UQ)

Documentary Screening at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies -
Seminar Room 402
4th Floor Forgan Smith Tower, University of Queensland
St. Lucia Qld 4072

Tuesdays: August 5 & 12, 1.00-2.30 PM

What's to be Done? Activism Today
An ARTE/ZDF Documentary Series

Introduced by Geert Lovink (CCCS)

At the 2001 G8 summit in Genova, discontent with globalization-as-usual
once again burst into the open as activists alerted the general public
to a multiplicity of new types of political, economic, social, and
cultural conflict.

This four-part German documentary series (with English subtitles),
screened for the first time in Australia, explores a new dynamic of
democratic involvement and political intervention, searches for
contemporary forms of solidarity and self-organization, and features
innovative examples of linking the local and the global from across the

Each documentary returns to the question of perspective, strategy, and
the organizational logic of the movement.

Tuesday August 5, 1.00-2.30 PM:

"A world to invent" documentary by Florian Schneider, Germany 2002, 40

Which forms of subjectivity are carried out by current modifications of
the world that, until recently, were characterized as "globalization"?
Theorists and visionaries try to outline the potential of new
developments and changes. Four thinkers - Michael Hardt, Toni Negri,
Saskia Sassen, and Franco 'Bifo' Berardi - reflect on the question at
the heart of the series: "What is to be Done?"

"All in White" - Tute Bianchi, documentary by Adonella Marena, Italy
2002, 30 minutes

Two influential Tute Bianchi activists analyse possibilities for
political intervention in Italy today.

Tuesday August 12, 1.00-2.30 PM:

"Deportation Class", documentary by Kirsten Esch, Germany, 30 minutes

A network of human rights activists organizes an anti-deportation
campaign against the German airline Lufthansa and explain the concept of
'image pollution.' How can media activists, designers and artists join
forces? What are the latest 'hacktivist' tactics to undermine corporate

"The Unorganizeables" documentary by Florian Schneider, Germany 2002, 35

Three examples of creative workplace struggle in California, where a new
wave of migrant activism is revitalizing union culture.

More information on the films and related media projects: www.wastun.org

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