drupal - freelinking


FreeLinking is a module that might work for Stephen's point (in feb minutes):

o Nice to have: create direct links to DB entry points in content
o [[artist/Birchville+Cat+Motel]]
[ [ artist/Birchville+Cat+Motel ] ]


"The freelinking.module for Drupal implements a filter for input formats, creating links to existing content or links to new content creation via automatic linking of CamelCase words or words with double-square-bracket delimiters. It can be used 'wiki style' to provide links between content or easy creation of new linked content. It does not implement a 'wiki' type of content; this can be done with the flexinode module or using another core content type like blog or story."

there's drupal 4.7 & 5 versions.

here's an example of drupal 4.7 on my main site.


I'm using it's default settings at the moment.

- it added a menu (which you could remove/change if u prefer)
- it's gone away and found some CamelCase words that are in the content on my site (I'm assuming after a cron run on the site)
- some terms list 'create this content' - if u click this it will create a blog entry for the term. though it didn't seem to go an add all the existing articles that use the term into the content. (it's probably better for new content so would be better suited to AF site)

- the PixelPress term says 'view this content' - this one does take you to the existing article. this article has been modified and includes the filter. PixelPress is written multiple times in the article and each one links back to the freelinking list of terms.

- so you could probably modify the section it's linking to to goto artists/TermName rather than freelinkingTermName. (or wherever u wanted it to goto).

I'll try this out and see how the module works & test on drupal 5 also (it's a new site - http://www.aliakprojects.com - I've only been trying views and cck there so far) http://www.aliakprojects.com/artists/list is a basic example

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