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Electroacoustic Music Studies Network Conference call for papers

Call for papers

Reminder - Proposal Deadline is the 1st of March

Electroacoustic Music Studies Network (EMS) - International Conference Series

EMS05 - Electroacoustic Music Studies. A century of innovation involving sound and technology - Resources, Discourse, Analytical Tools
Scientific Committee



Philippe DEPALLE (McGill University)
Leigh LANDY (MTI - De Montfort University)
Stephen McADAMS (CIRMMT/ McGill University)
Rosemary MOUNTAIN (Hexagram/Concordia)
Marcelo M. WANDERLEY (CIRMMT/ McGill University)
Time and place: 19-22 October, 2005 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The EMS conference is organized every two years through the initiative of the Electroacoustic Music Studies Network, an international team which aims to encourage reflection on the better understanding of electroacoustic music and its genesis, appearance and development over the span of a century. The organizers are all engaged in the key areas of debate and actively seeking the development of solutions.
The first conference, in October 2003, was a result of the initiatives of De Montfort University (UK), the University of Paris-Sorbonne (France), and INA/GRM (France). It took place at the Georges-Pompidou Centre in Paris, within the auspices of IRCAM