Eyebeam Fellowships in R&D OpenLab, Production Lab & Education Lab

Eyebeam Fellowships


Overview of Eyebeam Fellowships

The application process for Eyebeam's 2007/08 Fellowship program is
currently open. The deadline for applications is August 6, 2007. All
applicants will be informed of their application status by October 1,
2007. The program duration is for 11 months, running from November to

Fellowships will be offered in the R&D OpenLab, the Production Lab
and the Education Lab. The focus of the Fellowships varies depending
on the tools and skills available and the creative objectives and
philosophy of each Lab. Up to five Fellowships will be granted for

For all of the Fellowships we are seeking applications from artists,
hackers, designers, engineers and creative technologists to come to
Eyebeam for a year to undertake new research and develop new work.
The ideal Fellow has experience working with and making innovative
technological art and/or creative technology projects and has a
passion for collaborative development. Fellows will bring this
experience and working approach to their own independent projects,
projects initiated by other Residents or Fellows and projects
conceived collaboratively during the Fellowship period.

Fellows are selected from an open call. International applicants are
welcome to apply although we do not have the resources to provide
travel or accommodation. We are happy to work with selected
applicants, where required, to help them to secure funds to cover
these expenses. International Fellows are responsible for securing
their own visas for the Fellowship period.

Fellows receive a $30,000 stipend and health benefits during their
stay. They are able to take on additional external teaching or
consulting work, but there is an expectation that Fellows will be
working at Eyebeam a minimum of four days a week.

Collaborative partnerships at Eyebeam will be fostered though group
critiques, discussions and projects, within and between the lab
environments and residency programs. Fellows also benefit from
critiques, lectures and workshops by external practitioners chosen
for their relationship to subjects and projects being worked on in
the Labs.

All Fellows are encouraged to share their skills and knowledge with
the larger Eyebeam community by conducting formal and/or informal
workshops with others in the Labs as well as possible workshops open
to the public. There are also opportunities to develop work for
performance, events, seminars, exhibition or other public programming
in the Eyebeam galleries (and beyond) during the term of the fellowship.

Core to our principle at Eyebeam is the brokering of relationships
between artists, hackers, coders, engineers and other creative
technologists and the contexts we provide. The intention is to foster
and facilitate relationships whereby technologists and artists can
come together to germinate and hothouse their ideas, develop new
processes and create new works through a period of immersion in a
social context which is rich in technology, expertise and ideas.

Research Themes

We also support research groups to bring together creative
practitioners working at Eyebeam as well as expert external
participants. New research leads to possible public outcomes
including seminars, public discussion and exhibition.

Research themes for 2007/08 include (though will not be limited to):
* Energy, Technology and Sustainability
* Urban research, urban interventions and media in public space

Artists and creative technologists interested in these research areas
are particularly encouraged to apply for 2007/08 Fellowships.

Application Requirements

Applications received after the deadline of August 6, 2007, will not
be accepted. All applications and work samples must be submitted
through the online form. No exceptions will be made. You can create a
user/password during the application process and log back into the
server to update your application before the final deadline.

Complete applications must include the following information:
* Contact Information
* Resume or CV (rtf or pdf doc)
* Work samples in the form of URLs or uploaded media
* Include a project description with your work sample that explains
your contribution to the piece, how it was meant to be viewed and how
it relates to your proposed project(s).
* Concise responses to all application questions

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please read the guidelines for each of the Fellowships carefully.
Each working environment has different sets of tools and different
mentors/trainers for these tools, so applicants should consider which
environment will best suit their own needs and experience. However,
all artists, technologists and residents have access to resources
across all three labs and programs.

If you have any questions, please email fellowshipinfo@eyebeam.org or visit the online application page @ http://www.eyebeam.org/production/onlineapp/