first drapery study

after the still life, I worked on a drapery study - I keep typing this as drawpery! I had my "aha" moment towards the end of the second week's class, so will start a new one next week. I had been trying to draw more expressively and scribble and smudge with my finger, but my teacher said to draw individual lines as they convey more information. individual lines is my natural way of drawing, so I'll go back to this next week. it was hard to erase some of the original marks I'd made. I was getting the hang of it by the end of week 2's class, so will practice more next week

week2 - March 5 2016:
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2016-03-05 12.43.00

my teacher, Rosalind, brought in a copy of her booklet "Drawing Notes for Art Students" by Jocelyn Maughan and Robin Norling which was a great help. there were drawing tips and techniques inside, showing how to crosshatch and draw draping fabric

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week1 - February 27 2016:
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