[gold coast] slako & Bushsmoker! homecoming - friday july 25 @ Billy's Beachhouse, surfers paradise

After months of re-experimentation and
fine-tuning, slako & Bushsmoker! will
once again present works from an
exciting new style of electronic music.
Beanbag, as the genre is titled, is
best described as an experimental form
of lounge music, with elements of
jazz, hip-hop, with a hint of disco.

Following a torrid couple of months,
where their welfare entitlements were
incorrectly cancelled, slako &
Bushsmoker! have managed to scrape together
the bus fair to get to Billy's
Beachhouse @ The Esplanade and Hanlon st,
Surfers Paradise on friday July

In light of the fact that they will be using public transport, slako
Bushsmoker! will be performing at 7.30pm in order to catch the last bus
to Stephens.

Since beanbag was debuted publically at the begining
of 2003, slako &
Bushsmoker! have been busy at work preparing their debut
release, as well as
regularly showcasing their work on emit online radio (
during the "pink noise" show (streaming between 8pm and 10pm tuesday

Hailing from Stephens, a working class suburb of the
Gold Coast, slako &
Bushsmoker! have been working on "Beanbag" over
summer, in between visits to
Labrador and Centrelink. The name of the genre
came about as a result of
casual poverty and an encounter with other people's

"We realised that neither of us or our friends had couches.
Most of us use
milk crates as improvised tables. We don't even have doilies
to cover them
with," explains Bushsmoker!

slako adds, "we were sitting
at home watching rage one night, and they were
having a special on lounge
music. It was at this time we started to wonder
'what sort of music is there
for people who can't afford lounges?'"

In honour of their initial source
of inspiration, there will be DISCOUNTED
[possibly free] ENTRY at the door
for anyone who brings their own beanbag to
slako &

For further information, contact Amin @ pink.dot
(0414) 661 657.

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