IF? Records return to Melbourne (albeit briefly!) in 2007


Since its inception in Australia in 1995, IF? Records has worked with a plethora of talented people, most of them born and bred in its exceptional hometown: Melbourne.

Think people as far afield as Steve Law (a.k.a. Zen Paradox), Voiteck, Honeysmack, Digital Primate, Little Nobody, Frontside, Artificial, Isnod, Son Of Zev, TR-Storm, FSOM, Guyver 3, Soulenoid, Blimp, Black Lung, TDM, Josh Abrahams, DJ Venom, and Q-Kontrol.

IF? has also inducted like-minded experimental electronic boffins from Sydney like Sub Bass Snarl, 5000 Fingers Of Dr. T, Kid Calmdown, Pocket, and Nick Littlemore (Pnau).

And internationally over the past decade the label has worked with Si Begg (Buckfunk 3000/Noodles Discotheque), Tobias Schmidt (Tresor/Sativae), Jammin’ Unit (Pharma/Air Liquide), Biochip C (Force Inc.), Tal (Sub Rosa), DJ Rush (Kne’Deep), Thomas Heckmann (Trope), and Yamaoka (Kazumi/Holzplatten).

Then there were the parties – the now-legendary Omniglobe raves at Global Village in Footscray in 1995/96, and the Zeitsprung (1995/96) and Zoetrope (1997-2001) live electronica sessions at the Punters Club in Fitzroy - along with the collaborative jaunts organized by IF? with Club Filter, Teriyaki Anarki Saki, Honkytonks and Centriphugal.

Founded eleven years ago by Andrez Bergen (a.k.a. Little Nobody) with his mates Brian Huber and Mateusz Sikora, IF? always was about diversity, experimentation, pushing the perimeters, and flying the flag of Melbourne-made electronica – and the label also released a fistful of essential CDs and records to prove that point, from the cutting edge “Zeitgeist” series of compilations to debut releases by Little Nobody, Guyver 3, Artificial, the LN Elektronische Ensemble, Isnod and DJ Venom.

Since 2001 head-honcho Andrez has lived in Tokyo, but he continues to run IF? Records as a collaborative Melbourne/Tokyo project, with help from Melbourne-based mates like Damian Stephens (Isnod), Allan Klinbail (Son Of Zev), and Briony Wright (DJ Venom).

Finally, after their original web-server went bankrupt and took all the original IF? web-site details with it, the label has recently constructed two temporary home-bases online at http://if-records.tripod.com, as well as at http://www.myspace.com/if_records.

It has a bunch of artist profiles, a discography, reviews, pictures, information about the label’s avtivities in Japan as well as Australia, plus a demo competition for aspiring electronic producers!

On Saturday 10 February, 2007, IF? makes it’s annual (or, in some cases, bi-annual!) pilgrimage back to its place-of-birth, when the first IF? live party in 2 years is set to happen at Horse Bazaar!

ZU-ZUSHII 2 will feature a bunch of local and Tokyo-based live acts and DJs including Little Nobody (Tokyo), Isnod (Melbourne), Kid Calmdown (Sydney), Schlock Tactile vs. Slam-dunk Ninja (Tokyo), DJ Venom (Melbourne), Sleepy Robot (Sydney), label-meister Andrez, plus others to be confirmed – all for just $5 on the door, from 8pm to 3am, at 397 Lonsdale St., Melbourne.

The week before, from 2 February to 9 February, Andrez will also be holding a photographic exhibition of his visual works from Tokyo at an exhibit titled KEITAI KOUTURE, at Brunswick Street Gallery (2/322 Brunswick St., Fitzroy, Melbourne).

Check out more at his website: http://keitai-kouture.tripod.com