Ilmin museum of art

The ilmin museum of art is run by the Ilmin Cultural Foundation, which aims to commemorate Kim, Sang-man who devoted his whole life to the promotion of the press and the culture. In the old office building of Dong-a Ilbo, the newspaper company, the history of the ilmin museum of art began as the Ilmin Center in 1994. It was then registered as the ilmin museum of art in Dec. 1996, and, then renovated into its current state in 2002. The Ilmin Collection includes about 430 artifacts from the Koryo Dynasty to the Modern era of Korea collected by Ilmin, about 1,200 other pieces from the Dong-a Ilbo Collection and about 100 pieces of contemporary artwork. The contemporary art collection consists of artworks which carry social messages; this well shows the character of the ilmin museum of art as a comtemporary museum.

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