Kid Kay Ferris releases new album "Colour me Badd"

Kid Kay Ferris

The brand new album from Kid Kay Ferris is finally here! Colour Me Badd is
eleven tracks of unashamedly synthetic retro-inspired music, from
dancefloor treats and computer beats to underground bleeps and songs for
lovesick geeks. Guaranteed to put a smile on your dial, Colour Me Badd is a
full-length musical rampage through electro, techno, breaks, drum n bass,
spaced-out 80s ambience and crunchy computer clashing cacophony.

Designed to please the punters and offend the purists, Colour Me Badd is
the first release for new Brisbane label Nutznboltz Records, and is set to
reaffirm Kid Kay Ferris as Brisbane's premier electro act. This is
undiluted electronic music - no rock 'n' roll crossover, no high-art
wankery, just wicked tunes.

Nutznboltz is a new local label releasing quality australian electronics.
Expect regular releases and a strong community presence.

We are constantly seeking new music, so please send your demos to :

Nutznboltz Records
PO Box 357
Red Hill 4059.

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