Kimi Art

KIMI is an art gallery that presents the work of art and culture in all media by both national and international artists of our times. KIMI is committed to supporting and presenting emerging Korean artists through special exhibitions and various project programs, and building a network with international art venues to extend the scope of young Korean artists' artistic career. KIMI wishes to be an art center that offers mature leisure activity for the general public and a professional art channel that provides talented Korean artists with diverse challenging opportunities.

KIMI is in a two-story building that is newly renovated from a residential house at Pyungchang-Dong. Within its own environment, KIMI has four galleries, and three kinds of project spaces; KIMI shop, a cafe di kimi and an inner front yard. Each gallery that keeps the partition of the pre-renovation state, has a double advantage of being separated each other, but unified in one sight.

Annually, KIMI will unfold four or five special exhibitions organized by KIMI curatorial staffs, one special exhibition selected from Independent Curator Program, and parallel series of three projects(shop, cafe and outdoor). The multi-natured spaces of KIMI, from its traditional gallery room to outdoor, welcomes the attention and participation of international artists.

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