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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2004 21:56:16 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: [microsound] Manifesto for Growth (submitted for your consideration)

Some of you have probably already seen this, but:

Bruce Mau

Manifesto for growth

Play is the tactic to achieve the strategy, and for me, the strategy is

1. Allow events to change you
2. Forget about good
- as long as you stick to good, you won't have any growth
3. process is more important than outcome
- when the outcome leads the process, you'll always go somewhere you've
already been.
4. experiment
-love your experiments like ugly children
5. go deep
6. capture accidents
7. study
8. drift
9. begin anywhere
10. everyone is a leader
-learn to follow, when it makes sense, let anyone lead.
11. harvest ideas, edit applications
- applications have high rigor, ideas are liquid
12. keep moving
13. slow down
14. don't be cool
- cool is conservative fear, dressed in black
15. ask stupid questions
16. collaborate
17. design not to be perceived linearly, but in two lines, with space in
between them
18. Allow space for ideas you haven't had yet
- design blank, with a void
19. Stay up late
20. Work the metaphor
21. time is genetic
- the work you produce today will make your future
22. repeat yourself
23. make your own tools
- tools amplify our capacities
24. stand on someone's shoulders
25. avoid software
- because everyone has it
26. don't clean your desk
27. don't enter awards
-it is bad for you
28. creativity is not device dependent
- read only left hand pages, make new words
-new thinking needs new expression.
-forget the technology, think with your mind
29. organisation is freedom
- the split between creatives and suits is archaic
30. don't borrow money
31. listen carefully
32. take field trips
- the bandwidth of the real world is higher than TV
33. imitate
34. make mistakes faster
35. scat (break it, stretch it, crack it, fold it)
- when you forget the words, make something else
36. explore the other edge
- like history
37. coffee breaks, cab rides...
38. avoid fields, jump fences and cross the fields
39. laugh
- the barometer to how comfortable we are expressing our ideas
40. remember
- without memory innovation is merely novelty
41. power to the people
-play can only happen if people have control over their lives.

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