[melb] system corrupt vs project mahem soundclash

The inaugural Sydney vs Melbourne Soundclash between System Corrupt (Sydney)
and Project Mayhem (Melbourne)

Experience some
hardcorefuktnoizefracturedbeatmultigenreplunderphonicbrutality as the syco
crew take on melbourne's recalcitrant beatnoize merchants in continual head
to head battles for your booty attention.


SYCO--Toecutter, Maladroit, Al Corrupt, 777, Passenger of Shit (Special
guest=Lucas "no cock charlatan" Abela and other immigrants from the home of

PROJECT MAYHEM--Rek, Xian, Sol, Cambion, Makanoiysz, Arsecrack & Tiddyfuck,
Ian, Defused Fusion (and then some)

Synaesthetics provided by--Bubotic Mecca, Ai Yamamoto and Redskull, +
Emergeny Merken Blister Pack!!!

real art music for real wankers this one!

And at suicidal velocities.

WHEN: 10 pm, Friday, August 8th.
WHERE: Dream nitklup, 229 Queensberry Street, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria,

More details=http://members.optusnet.com.au/nszeto/soundclash1.htm

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