MIT open courseware - CMS-930 Media, Education and the Marketplace - Fall 2001

notes from the Media Education and the Marketplace video lectures

lecture 1 & 2
reading list
personal media :
- ability to control point of view -> who's point of view is the media designed for?
- ability to appropriate things
- storytelling
- importance of media literacy in education : teacher=broadcaster, kids=consumer
with examples from educational cd

lecture 3
video internet :
- details of the internet 'plumbing', tcp/ip, internet technologies, media transmission technologies and systems
- rtp (realtime protocol) instead of tcp, mpls (multi-protocol labelling system??) to speed transmission of packets, with less jitter
- wave division multiplexing - carrying signals on light waves (wavelengths of light); lambda switching networks
- what is the next killer app?? (2001) vod, video phone, video conferencing, email, HD on internet, ..
- phases of new tech: arbitrage, domination of new technologies, new applications available on new technologies, convergence/integration of old and new technologies, introduction of standards
- communication technologies have historically (wrt to internet) been more successful than content, then came commerce
- education vs entertainment media - education usually doesn't have the same budgets or production values available to them compared to entertainment
- presentation of HD video over internet II

lecture 4
reading list
Media, Education, and Technology
- educators need to adapt to the readily available media which kids are surrounded with; allow teachers to explore the technology and create 'learning landscapes'
- allows kids to be creative and think differently and use technology effectively
- engaged learning
- create paths to lifelong learning
- ubiquitous computing : any time, any place, any where
- examples :
Nasa website - nebula
'seas of change' seashore project - kids created journals, booklets
virtual cave - exploration of caves, planet, human body, etc...
immerse-a-desk?? in the future??

lecture 5
Educational Uses of Technology
- describes different projects
- learning tutor software agents which predict & suggests similar information to that which the student is searching for or researching at that point in time. agent keeps history information on what the student is looking at and uses this data to provide more references

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