this morning's dream while it's fresh in my head

I woke up at about 4:30 this morning then couldn't sleep properly, thinking about this week's nightmare at work, but must have finally drifted back to sleep as I woke again at 11:09 and then drifted off for another sleep.

I forget the reason why, but I remember talking with 3 other people, though they were more like avatars, or characters out of lord of the rings. a wizard character carrying a long wooden staff, and two others. for some reason we decided that the only way to solve whatever we needed to solve was to walk across this huge expanse of water and land on the island we'd heard about (but not seen or been before) on the other side. we had special fittings on our shoes that allowed us to walk on the water - but as long as we didn't stop. if we stopped, we'd fall into the water and likely drown. so off we went, walking, walking, walking for what seemed like hours. the water was very calm, much like a lake, with hardly any waves to disturb our journey. after walking for a long time and seemingly only half way there, one of us said, "you know, it would be good if there was a pylon or wooden deck in the middle of this waterway so we could stop and rest for a short time. soon after, that's exactly what we saw. a wooden deck was floating in the water, though it was fixed to the bottom of the seabed. we walked to it and stepped onto it. from the water, it had looked as if it were empty, but as soon as we stepped onto it, we saw that there were many others there also. once on the wooden planks it looked like a platform, there was a barrier which most people were sitting behind. many of them seemed to be school children from a private school, aged about 12-15, all neatly dressed in school uniform of long dark coloured shorts and white button up shirts. there were also some others who seemed, from their clothes at least, to be waiting to go on their way to work. I looked out the other side of the platform and could see boats moored against the side of the platform. we asked what they were doing there and received replies of 'oh nothing' , 'we're just having a rest'. we asked if they were waiting for a train to collect them and take them to the island on the other side, and they said, 'no, there's no train out here, we're just resting'. soon we heard a loud irregular splashing noise, and turned to see a gigantic crocodile heading towards the platform. it had what seemed to be train carriages on it's back and was steaming through the water towards the platform. it was just like a train, though the carriages were irregularly shaped, much like enlarged pieces of the crocodile's skin blown up to a size that people and avatars could sit inside. the front carriage sat behind the crocodile's head and snout and had an opening so you could sit inside and outside on small benches if you wanted to see the view as you traveled. the crocodile made a wide circle in the water and turned around so it was facing the island. it seemed as though the crocodile train would not take us back the way we had walked, but it could take us to the island which was where we wanted to go. we walked to board the crocodile once it had berthed, then were lost in all the workers and school children as they rushed to board also. I was thinking, 'but they said they weren't waiting for the train, now see them rush to board so as not to miss it, strange'. we spoke to the crocodile as he was waiting for people to climb aboard and he said it was a good job and he enjoyed it and that crocodiles had changed a lot since we had last heard of them. they no longer tried to eat people, but instead gave them rides to where they wanted to go, similar to what the dolphins had once done. he smiled, then we climbed aboard into the front compartment and off we went. the crocodile's legs seemed like they were spinning in the water, making loud whirring, splashing noises. the trip was quite comfortable.

then I woke up! so not sure if we made it to the island safely or why we wanted to go in the first place. but it was an adventure along the way, and when we thought of things, we made them happen so a positive dream all in all.

(apologies for typos and grammatical errors - written in free form while I remembered it and not edited. I hardly remember dreams though this week I've remembered 3 days in a row but the others have been work related conversations, so it's unusual for me - I wanted to capture it while I could)

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