[net radio] Symbiosis - "Experiments in Sound"


"Experiments in Sound"
A mix of sound art and experimental/ambient soundscapes. Headphones

12am - 1am Sunday nights
(1pm - 3pm Sunday afternoon GMT)

102.7 FM, Melbourne, Australia

presented by Simon Hampson


Welcome to the first Symbiosis mail... the last few weeks have been fairly
hectic with features on the Liquid Architecture festival and new Melbourne
label Dreamland Recordings.. with a week off sick inbetween.

This Sunday there are no guests.. will be nice to just play some tracks :)
Mark Harwood from Synaesthesia Records (http://www.synrecords.com/) will be
in on 3/8 to talk about his recent overseas adventures and to play some fine

Please feel free to get in contact. New material is always welcome and I am
interested in playing live recordings from around the world.

c/o Triple R
PO Box 304
Fitzroy, VIC 3068



Show Date: 6 / 7 / 03
Liquid Architecture 4 feature:
- interview with Nat Bates (co-curator)
- pre-recorded phone interview with Scott Arford & Randy H.Y. Yau

Artist / Track / Album / Label

Qua / output / Liquid Architecture 4 v/a / published through the festival

Peter Baumgartner / das allt