Open call for submissions - Streaming Festival 6th edition 12-2011

Open call for submissions 6th edition

This year we’re doing things slightly differently. Instead of exclusively screening films, there’ll also be showcases for 2d art, flash and an audio program.

Moreover we’ve decided to open the call for online submissions again.
So, no more need for post and stamps. Just place a link to your preview, and that’s that.

But here is the thing. Only preview links from are accepted, nothing else. If you haven’t got an account at vimeo, simply register at vimeo and upload a preview of your film(s) there. If your film(s) on vimeo aren’t publicly available, which is fine with us, but do not forget to send us the access code to preview your work.

Obviously, you can still send your work by post if you prefer that.

The film competition will return again in the sixth edition, so if you’re up for running, tick the competition participation box on the submission form.
For now we’d like to invite you to submit your films or 2d art to the festival, while we’re working out the quirks for the flash and audio submission forms.
As per usual, no entrance fee - all genres accepted.

Without further ado, the submission form

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