Philip K Dick's Exegesis launch at Moe's Books

as you may know, Philip K Dick's "Exegesis" has been released. here is a great panel session for the launch - with members of his family and editors of the book. bookmarking the audio - it's very informative! I've started reading the book, but have to stop a lot to look things up. it's an incredible collection of his writing & thoughts post the '74 VALIS incident - apparently there were 6 volumes of letters alone, and he used to keep the carbon copies of them. what a prolific letter writer! I think it'll take me years to finish

also, is a great site with articles about Philip K Dick and religion.

I love that many PKD scholars also write about music.

recently I also came across this interview with PKD and Charles Platt as it made its way around twitter - it goes for just under 2 hours, but if you have the time it's worth listening to. he mentions the VALIS incident and his son.

Incredibly rare Philip K. Dick interview 1979 Santa Ana

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