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RENEGADEPENGUIN presents 'The Story of CHAR'...

Yonks ago there was a bloody huge fire that raged over the land. From The Great Bushfire the CHARMAN were born.

The first Charman were an extreme bunch. One of them, Moral Preaching, could often be heard mouthing off to the rest of the bunch. "Of all things, Life is the most precious, and Quality of Life can nick off if he doesn't like it." Moral Preaching would do all he could to convert others to his view because he believed his way of thinking was the best way to think. After listening to Moral Preaching for some time, it dawned on Oppression that Moral Preaching might be of benefit to his plans. Not having many friends, Oppression was bored. Having heard of a huge party happening at Human Right's joint, he decided that he'd crash it and have some fun of his own. He approached Moral Preaching saying "How's about we go over to Human Right's place. I reckon his lot could learn a thing or two from you". The opportunity to indoctrinate others to his way of thinking appealed greatly to Moral Preaching. Together they approached Nationalism who was always easily excited. Ever ready to parade and brag, Nationalism quickly donned his colours and called to his close buddy Racism, who was never far away. Although Racism knew nothing of Human Rights, he bellowed "TOO FUCKING RIGHT! We'll show Human Rights how to party!"...

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