Submissions: Taskforce on Live Music & Housing near music venues

In June the State Government announced a Taskforce on Live Music, VicMUSIC applauds this imitative. In July a request went out from the Government for submissions to this Taskforce. To quote from that release: "Musicians, venue operators and residents have been invited to have their say on Melbourne and Victoria's live music scene". If you are a musician, work in the music industry or just love to see live bands then this is your chance to have your voice heard. If you have an opinion or ideas on this issue then put in a submission to: Live Music Taskforce Secretariat, C/o Mr Ashley Admiraal, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Level 20, 80 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Or email: : All submissions should be forwarded by end of the second week of August, 2003.

A submission does not need to be a formal or lengthy document, if you have an opinion on the importance of live music or ideas of what can be done to nurture it in this state then this is your chance to have your voice heard. A
submission can be anything, a few paragraphs to a full-on production number

We don't want to write the submission for you, it will only be of value if it expresses what you think about this issue, but we have been asked if we can provide some suggestions to help people get started, so here they are:

There are no guidelines for what a submission has to look like. If you want write it as a letter addressed to the taskforce, but it could also be done in a creative way , maybe as a song.

Keep it polite, there is no value in attacking groups of people or making any personal comments.

Explain your position in the music culture, are you a musician, do you work in the industry or do you consider yourself a punter.

We are all residents as well; describe what it means to you to live where you do and how you deal with the noise of the city.

Make a statement of why live music is important to you. Do you earn a living from it, do you consider it part of your culture, or maybe you just really, really enjoy it.

You could describe what the impact to you would be if our live music scene started to whither.

Outline any ideas you have on what could be done to fix this problem. The more detailed you can make your suggestions the better. Many possible solutions have been raised in this comparing, which ones you support and why:

Better soundproofing in new residences

"Buyer beware" clauses in real estate deals &

Recognition of prior usage (i.e. who was there first) when resolving conflicts

Creation of planning zones that support live music venues

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