About Subterran

Subterran is a work in progress. We are an events and music organisation based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, S.E.Qld, primarily involved in outdoor music events with an environmental focus. Subterran aims to push the outdoor party format deeper. Our belief is that to stay true to the original intention of outdoor dance parties: earth reconnection and exploration of fringe electronic music, the culture needs to start connecting and giving back to the earth in action, not just intention, and to be able to reinvent itself to match the high pace of evolution of electronic music. Subterran is committed to pushing environmental and community intentions to the forefront, and also to showcasing exciting new music.

Subterran events are not-for-profit, community orientated outdoor gatherings. We put our events together with diversity in mind rather than catering fully to any one particular scene. The intention is to create an accessible outdoor party space where many different cultural niches can come together in shared space. Our events cover psytrance, dub, electronica, progressive, breakbeats, bush techno, glitch, ambient/chill and other interesting musical forms, but within this variety, the emphasis is still on working with organic/outdoor sensibilities and creating a smooth flow between styles. Individual events may be planned on a specific concept and the lineup and flow will be diverse but focussed on exploring that particular tangent in depth. Subterran has no genre loyalties, we're much more interested in seeing different tribes play together.

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