Super Massive new sound opens Urban Stage at Marrickville Road Festival

Making its festival debut at Marrickville Road Festival this year is an artistic new band called Super Massive. Super Massive will perform on the Urban Stage at Marrickville Road Festival, Marrickville on Sunday 9th September at 11am.

Named for modern society’s collective fascination with superlatives and for the biggest and best! of everything as much as for their wall of sound, Super Massive is a synth pop rock band with exhilarating, danceable grooves, an emphasis on melody and an engaging, energetic stage presence. The band has a unique sound and a treasure trove of songs that respond to the nature of today’s urbanised, fast-paced world.

Much of the writing was inspired by the experience of living in inner Sydney over the last couple of years. Says singer Malina Hamilton-Smith “Some of the songs are observations of society, whilst some are escapism – but escapism of a realistic kind. The sort of escapism anyone can achieve, such as trying to take life at a slower pace, living in the moment or living in your body as opposed to your head.”

Unlike many electro-heavy bands, Super Massive is a full rock band line-up, with synth elements used to add layers of texture, creating a very full and distinctive sound. Influences stretch beyond the current fashion for 80s synthpop to embrace aspects of 70s rock, glam rock, funk, French electro and big beat, building an original sound that avoids ever being purely retro.

Formed in 2005, Super Massive’s chief writers are singer/performer/writer Hamilton-Smith and drummer/composer Glenn Abbott (best known for his work in Machine Gun Fellatio). Talented bassist John D. Young (Marcia Hines, Chuck Berry, Vanda & Young) joined in 2006.

Rhythm and groove is incredibly important to Super Massive. “We want the music to move people, physically and emotionally. Glenn and John are both very funky players, and it’s awesome when they really let loose, play something intense and challenging and carry the audience away with them. They’re very good at adding tasty playing without distracting from the core structure of the song.”

One of the most popular events of the inner west’s cultural calendar, the Marrickville Road Festival is a street party that attracts over 50,000 people a year. “We’re thrilled to have been asked to play. We’re still a very new band and haven’t released any of our music yet, so it’s a lovely surprise to have been asked to join the bill of such a wonderful community spirited event. It’s great to be a part of it and we’re looking forward to a really fun day.”

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