The Girls In Space report

The Girls In Space report written by Anita Egginton, has been posted on
the Yspace web site at in the 'New Resources' section. The
focus of the Girls In Space action research has been, since 1996, to
explore young women's recreation and leisure interests in public spaces in
Brisbane. The women that this research is focused on are aged 12-25. The
audience for this piece of work is diverse. In direct response to this, the
reporting of this work does not focus on any one particular target group or
end user - the actual report has been written in separate sections that may
attract the same or different readers.

Section Abackground and summary of the work
Section Bthe approach to research
Section Cthe background readings and information that have informed Phases
2 and 3 of the work
Section Dthe main findings of Phases 2 and 3 of the research in terms of
what young women in Brisbane are interested in when it comes to public space
Section ERecommendations in the form of guidelines for planners, designers,
managers, and community groups to better involve young women in the
location, design, and everyday life and management of public spaces that
they are interested in

A comprehensive Appendix is also provided.

Should you have any case examples or other useful information etc which
promotes the inclusion of young women and their interests in public space
design, planning or management please let us know and we will post it on
the Yspace site.

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