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Tsunami - a virtual memorial (call for submissions)

Tsunami -
call for submissions
1st deadline 31 March 2005
A Virtual Memorial
and [R][R][F]2005---XP
initiate on occasion of this disaster in South East Asia
and in solidarity with all affected people in this human tragedy
a net based art project environment, entitled: Tsunami.
The title: "Tsunami" does thematically not only refer to this or similiar
disasters in Present or Past,
but beyond that "Tsunami" is primarily also understood as a symbol for the
Inevitable, the Immutable,
for Powers of Nature, Powers of Destiny which cannot be controlled by the
human being,
situations of helplessness the human being is irrevocably at the mercy of.
Has he any chance to escape or take influence?
Nearly everybody whereever he may live has made experiences of that kind in
one or the other way already.
Artists around the globe are invited to reflect these traumatic conditions
of human life and submit art works, documents, texts or any other material
connected the thematical context
which can be submitted as digital file .
"Tsunami" -
this collaborative project will be published and featured on
and simultaneously and will take part
in all coming physical events of [R][R][F]2005--->XP,
global networking project by Agricola de Cologne.
Following file typs are accepted:
HTML including Javascript and Dhtml
Text: .txt, .rtf, plain email
Image: .jpg,.gif., png
sound: .mpg3
movie: .mov, .avi, wmv, .swf, .drc, .mpeg2
The submission can consist of different parts, works or documents but must
not exceed 5MB.
All serious contributions will be accepted.
1st deadline 31 March 2005, afterwards ongoing
and will be continuously updated.
Please use this form for submitting
1.Name, Email, URL
2.brief bio (not more than 50 words/English) (number of entries, titles, year of origin, medium of original
work, submitted media file types)
4. Short description for each submitted work (not more than 50
Please send the submission
as individual files attached
subject: tsunami
A Virtual Memorial
global networking project
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