"Visionary Hollywood" bus tour of historic spiritual sites led by Erik Davis (LA/USA)

In October Esotouric, the eclectic bus adventure company whose tours reveal L.A.'s secret history, will reprise VISIONARY HOLLYWOOD, a new hosted by San Francisco-based writer Erik Davis and inspired by his acclaimed 2006 book "The Visionary State". On this journey of exploration through the mystic realms of Los Angeles,passengers will join Erik on a guided tour of five extraordinary religious sites, meet followers of their respective faiths and explore the fascinating history of alternative religious practice in Southern California.

The tour departs from the Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood, where a booksigning with Erik and other LA mystical authors will be held after the tour. The tour includes visits to five extraordinary destinations:

THE AETHERIUS SOCIETY, a center for cosmic consciousness and healing founded in 1955 by UFO contactee Dr. George King, where guests will hear actual recordings of an extraterrestrial voice conveying significant messages. KROTONA APARTMENTS, a former Theosophical retreat founded in 1914, where guests will have a rare opportunity to visit the central courtyard and view the Rosicrucian window of this now-private residence. AIMEE SEMPLE MCPHERSON PARSONAGE, the newly opened museum devoted to LA's most colorful televangelist, on the site of the famous Angelus Temple in Echo Park. THE PHILOSOPHICAL RESEARCH SOCIETY, founded in 1934 as a non-denominational repository for the wisdom of the world, where guests will be greeted by librarian, lecturer and author Maja D'Aoust and given a guided tour of the Society's remarkable library. THE VEDANTA SOCIETY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, founded in 1930 to bring sacred Hindu philosophy to the West, where guests will be given a presentation on the Society's history and programming, and browse in its fine gift shop.

Tour cost includes a beverage and snack served at The Aetherius Society and a seat on a luxury coach class bus equipped with monitors, air conditioning and restroom.

WHAT: "Visionary Hollywood" bus tour of historic spiritual sites, led by Erik Davis
WHEN: Saturday October, 10:45am-3:45pm, departs from Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood
COST: $64/person, snack included
MORE INFO: visit http://www.esotouric.com/vision-10-4-08 or call 323-223-2767


ABOUT THE HOST: Erik Davis is a San Francisco-based writer, culture critic, and independent scholar. He is the author of "TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information," as well as a short critical volume on "Led Zeppelin IV." Davis contributes to scores of magazines, and his essays have been included in over a dozen books. He won a Maggie award for his "San Francisco Magazine" profile of the Internet entrepreneur and UFO contactee Joe Firmage, while "The New Yorker" has recognized his expertise in the works of the science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. He lectures frequently on topics ranging from electronic music to the evolution of consciousness.

For more information about Erik Davis, visit www.techgnosis.com
For more on The Visionary State, visit www.visionarystate.com

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