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Zeitgeist is a retrospective of Zen Zen Zo's Butoh inspired dance-theatre works since 2000. Drawing from the critically acclaimed productions Unleashed, Those with Lucifer, and most recently Zen Zen Zo's international collaborations with American band The Dresden Dolls, Zeitgeist is a collection of raw and provocative pieces that reflect "the spirit (Geist) of our times (Zeit)". This groundbreaking work asks the question, how are we as human beings interacting with ourselves, each other, and the earth at the turn of the new Millennium? The answer is at times heart-breaking, at others humorous, but ultimately hopeful, as the dancers weave together physical theatre, poetic ritual, burlesque, camp, and comedy in Zen Zen Zo’s hallmark style.

Old Museum Building, Crn of Gregory Tce and Bowen Bridge Rd, Bowen Hills

25 June - 12 July 2008

What past critics had to say about Unleashed, Those with Lucifer and The Dresden Dolls shows:

"There seems to be a distinct visceral contact between performers and audience, which is like no ther form of theatre I have expirienced. This work was a maelstrom of flesh and spirit, with a keen tension sustained between the poignant and playful, all moving inexorably towards the heart-breaking climax. I couldn't sleep that night..."

"This highly erotic and nightmarish fantasy is exactly what you'd imagine David Lynch and Trent Reznor to come up with over coffee an cake."

"Here we see the perfection of the naked human body pushed to the limits of ecstasy and pain, a rare opportunity to experience a flawless embodiment of wit and passion."

"This show sets out to smash boundaries and succeseds with intelligence, creativity and dark originality. What they have achieved is edgy, eerie, sometimes riotously funny and often stunning."

info from Zen Zen Zo Zeitgeist page @ http://www.zenzenzo.com/productions/current-productions/zeitgiest.html

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