Translocations 1: New media practices in the urban context (Delhi)

Workshop @ Sarai: FLOSS Fellowships Final Presentations

Translocations 1: New media practices in the urban context

17th and 24th November 2006,Seminar Room, Sarai-CSDS

Facilitated by Tapio Makela, researcher and artist in residence at Sarai

This workshop looks at new media practices in urban contexts.

The introductory session will take place at SARAI/CSDS seminar room on Friday, November 17th 11.00-13.00/14.00-16.00.

Second session on November 24th, same time.

Depending on the participants’ interests, there will either be one or two further sessions, also discussing selected readings and media art projects done or developed by the participants. Questions or suggestions, please e-mail

Examples include:
- public media art projects- media artistic interventions- projects using mobile phones- projects using GPS
Workshop themesOne of the arguments made in the context of new media arts or Internet related theory is that in particular networked media offers new alternative public spaces. How are these arguments grounded in practice? What constitutes a public space in a given culture, to begin with, and how would new technologies amend or replace them?

Lucy Lippard wrote about lure of the location as a warning of essentialist artist practices about location. Today one can discuss lure of location data – as many artists offer views on urban experience based on location data, which in most cases, is merely indexical about a given location with its rich layers of urban life. Through several examples I will illustrate this new genre of locative art or location based media and discuss it in the context of technological sublime and fetishization of new technologies.

Personal computers, mobile phones, networked servers act as auxiliary memory devices. Also many artistic projects work with archiving, databases, and different ways of creating private or shared memories. How media artists and theorists address memory – and how to relate with the frenzy of creating digital artifacts, digital fever?

To register, please send in a short bio and a paragraph on why you wish to attend the workshop to by the 12th of November 2006.