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tiny houses

some links on downsizing your life and house. I moved from a large 2 bedroom place to a 1 bedroom which is a start. it's not the same as having one suitcase + work backpack that I had whilst working overseas, but it's a step towards 'living smaller', though I do still have way too much "stuff".

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playing with python

trying out python - to make a little windows gui that builds xml files (hopefully - that's the plan anyway..)
I haven't used python before so not really sure if these are the correct steps

- downloaded python 2.6.5 - initially I downloaded 2.7 but then when I downloaded the windows extensions it said it wanted version 2.6 : python-2.6.5.msi (python-2.7.msi) -> C:\cdrive\_apps\python265
- downloaded python windows extensions : pywin32-214.win32-py2.6.exe

- downloaded Wing IDE 101 - a free windows ide

also tried these but got too lazy to set them all up when they didn't work first go as they were missing other things/versions :

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If You Could Read My Mind - 1970

If You Could Read My Mind, by Gordon Lightfoot - from
I just heard this in the closing scenes of a movie on tv

Gordon Lightfoot
If You Could Read My Mind - 1970

If You Could Read My Mind, by Gordon Lightfoot

If you could read my mind, love,
What a tale my thoughts could tell.
Just like an old time movie,
'Bout a ghost from a wishing well.
In a castle dark or a fortress strong,
With chains upon my feet.
You know that ghost is me.
And I will never be set free

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hipstamatic camperdown

hipstamatic camperdown - walk home after guitar lesson today. another warmish winter's day which is great as I don't need my jacket any more. there's a new development going up nearby. they're pulling down some of the heritage listed council flats and putting up a new building for housing commission tenants.

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hipsta sydney blue sky winter's day

ahh sydney blue sky winter's day [1] [2]

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collaborative drawing in flockDraw

trying out a shared drawing with @ozmawbs using flockdraw

we must have spent an hour drawing, erasing, drawing. there were a few people drawing at once. one anonymous person. coming & going. a nice experiment in shared drawing

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Beijing digital arts and sound art links

started making a list of Beijing (& some Shanghai & general China) digital media arts & sound art projects & links. I haven't seen any of these projects in person, but they all sound interesting. some may no longer be active..


Tsinghua Art and Science Media Laboratory

Tsinghua University is one of the most acclaimed higher learning establishments and a national key research institute in China.

24 hour zine thing 2010 - remuxed zine

July is International Zine Month, and the 24 Hour Zine Thing project is on again. I made a zine called "remuxed" and posted it off.

pdf version
google doc version

What is a 24 Hour Zine?
"The 24 Hour Zine Thing is a challenge to create a 24-page zine in 24 hours straight."


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is @oldspice guy the first commonly known #diamondAge #ractor?

maybe @oldspice guy is the first commonly known #ractor. wish there were more. could be great as private entertainment when you don't feel like reading/watching a movie [1]

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after the rain - city soundscapes #1

this afternoon I discovered a magic garden down the other end of the property. I'd driven past this but never seen the walking paths. the paths criss-cross through the back streets. they seem quite busy - I came across a few people whilst exploring. it's been raining for the past few days but had stopped about an hour earlier. the birds seemed overly happy - chirping and singing to the sky above. they seemed fresh and clean, like the cool fresh air after the rain. I recorded the soundwalk - this is one block back from the road, so I was surprised at how little traffic noise could be heard, except for the occasional car driving past.

this is posted on my pool page - as part of the birdland project


sound walk audio file page :
(skip the first 11sec or so - I forgot to trim the silence from the start of recording)
23:40 mm:ss audio recording (mp3)
mp3 file (54.2Mb)

video file page:

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weaving, sadie plant, geekgirl & cyberfeminism

last weekend I did a Spinning & Weaving class at Sydney Community College with Pat Davidson, and a yarn & fibre dyeing class in the Blue Mountains with Wooldancer. both were great - though I am now behind in answering uni philosophy class questions ;) this week I also came across Travis' actionweaver site via @spindexer. I made one of the card looms using his template on the site. I didn't use the backstrap though and because I'd folded the card - I'd only had photo paper available so it's not the most sturdy of looms - it became weaker. I've ordered one of his portable laser looms, so it should arrive over the next couple of weeks. photos of my first attempt :

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sunday 06/06/2010

whew, things are a little calmer now. I've popped back into facebook & twitter a couple of times and it seems ok. I've been busy with uni this week, and work. we've had to do a lot of reading. my inkjet printer hasn't been working well - the prints are blurry and mis-aligned, even after new (expensive!) inks and multiple realignment attempts. so I bought a laser printer for $99 and it's been working well - I wish I'd done this sooner. had I known how cheap they were these days I would have! the old printer is actually one of those multi-function devices so it's still working as a scanner.

I started a section for philosophy class in the collections part of my site. so I can keep notes etc. I started writing some freemind notes last night from one of the readings, and I watched a couple of videos also - the Carl Sagan's videos on pre-socratic philosophers

Carl Sagan on the pre-socratic philosophers (part 1)

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back to basics & aaaarg is dead. long live aaaarg

I'm taking a break from SM (social media) for a while. to enjoy some "slow media" again - my blog, my email and most importantly, my notebook. people can contact me on aliak77 AT gmail if they want to. though in saying this already I've had to go back to twitter to contact someone who found a problem with my site so I could say thanks, when email wasn't working. so SM still has it's place, but I'm taking a break from checking it regularly - it was getting out of control. I felt I was getting addicted to checking the pages.

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Autechre in Sydney - my experiences

I received a last min ticket from @artsdigitalera (tx!) so didn't arrive until about 10pm. rob hall was playing. I liked his set - thought it was quite varied, so there was something for everyone. it seemed to be a mixed, older crowd so I liked that too. I thought he was playing tracks going backwards in time. dubstep -> tech -> breakbeat -> acid house etc so I liked that too.

went downstairs to the side of the stage to hear Autechre. I found myself standing, swaying more like it, in the spot where all the speaker air aligned and it was sending electric shocks through my arms, legs and face - cheeks & nose. lips were vibrating. base of my throat was constricting - I could feel this when I moved to other places, but not the feelings in the rest of my body. I could feel puffs of air going up my jeans and jumper sleeves, and with every beat of the heavy bass it was giving me a shock. it felt like a tens machine had been hooked up to the line out and was sending pulses into the floor & conducting through my shoes with every beat. I showed a few other people the spot and they felt it too. one girl told me it sounded better up the front, in front of the speaker, but that was too loud so I moved back to the other spot where it was less loud (if that's possible). at times it made me feel a bit sick. my nose was running. I had to keep moving away, but I had to keep moving back too. it was the most physiological reaction to a music performance I'd ever felt at a gig (& prob in my life, let alone at a gig) I was thinking that some of those frequencies must be borderline legal?? my friend's dave & murray mentioned there was a band that plays tones/frequencies that cause adverse bodily functions. I just kept thinking of an old Get Smart episode where they'd played tones to blow up or interrogate one of the russian spies - or something like that, I forget the actual details, but I remember seeing an old ep like that when I was a child and wondering how sound could do that. has a video taken throughout the night. ~ 1min of rob hall & ~ 5mins of autechre. it's from my phone cam so not the best quality, and autechre played in the dark, except for the lights of the bar, which I filmed to get some focus. it seemed to me like they were doing a southern cross constellation tour - playing under the constellation glow of the apple logos and desk monitor lights. from the side I could faintly see one of the guys from the glow of light from his mac book pro.

so, for a performance I didn't think I'd get to see as I hadn't pre-planned getting a ticket, it was a great night - a very physical performance/experience for me. I slept & dreamt so well afterwards too.

I had hoped to make it to Graham St John's book launch in st peters though I missed that. there were so many things on last night - it was one of those nights with too much choice so I almost stayed home, except for the ticket offer that made me leave the house.

I have some of Autechre's early albums (1990s vintage) - might need to check out their new one too

-- posted as an email reply to autechre thread on clan-l

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Iris to Hypnos / Fieldhead "Crest"

this Iris to Hypnos / Fieldhead "Crest" album is as beautiful as Nature. hard to contemplate something human-made could be this beautiful

I'd love to be able to make Sounds as beautiful as these. how do they learn this. sounds like pure emotion

& the cd looks like a little vinyl record. and it's like they've worked with zines with their mailout packaging surprises. such care

unfortunately (for others) the cd is no longer available but maybe if you contact them they might do another run?

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