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#vlomo10 day13 video : spring fireworks

surprise fireworks in the city on saturday night - I can see the edge of them. music is "Easy to Love" by The Jezabels - I love this song and all of the jezabels cds. I was going to do a top 10 cd list for 2010 (cds I've bought this year - maybe not all were released this year) but I'm saving it for another vlomo10 day. the jezabels "she's so hard" cd is definitely on this list!!

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#vlomo10 day12 video : mary mackillop cards

I went to Saint Mary Mackillop place today at lunch - it's near my work office. I didn't get to see all the museum as I had to return to work, but I bought a few postcards, bookmarks and prayer cards. I like the screen printed cards - they remind me of Warhol. I sent some up to my friend's Mum who lives in a nursing home - hopefully she can give some to her friends. I sent some to my Mum too. the museum is very good, I'll have to go back and do the full tour (~45mins). the tour guide was quite interesting - she spoke about some of the historical period and what things were like in Mary's day - they had video exhibits, a film with Ernie Dingo speaking of Mary's work with the Aboriginal people and how they have stories with her in it now. and many artefacts such as the kits the traveling priests used to carry on horseback as they went from town to town in places where there wasn't a local town priest. apparently this is happening these days too - though they travel in cars / 4wd now instead of on horseback :) - the guide said wasn't it interesting that we seem to have reverted to the old days / ways in some ways. I had to leave before the tour was finished so I could return to work. it looked like an interesting historical museum so I'm going to go back and see the full tour another day when I have time (I think it takes ~45 mins). and who sells postcards for 50cents these days! amazing

day 12

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#vlomo10 day10 video : up up and away

in 2003 I went flying with a friend D and his pilot friend. I took some video and this is one of the clips. we flew over the beaches then into the harbour area so we saw the city and the harbour. I left the audio in this file so you might want to drop it to 0 as it's noisy (it was a small plane). I remember feeling a little sick part of the way through - maybe because I was looking at / concentrating on the camera at the same time and also because I could smell the fuel fumes more than in a passenger plane. it was a great flight though!

so it's a video from the archives for today. I'm pretty sure I've never uploaded this before - it was the first camera I could take videos with (an old kodak if I recall correctly) - I always thought the quality wasn't that good, but now i like the colours - it's almost like a lomo camera video?(!???)

day 10

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#vlomo10 day8 video : lightshow

sydney had a lightning light show & thunderstorm tonight, though there wasn't too much rain where I live. I heard it was heavier other parts of sydney

music is "Trauma" from David Sylvian's "Sleepwalkers" album

made in isadora

day 8

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#vlomo10 day5 video : #rappertag

some of the Aus hip hop MCs are taking part in #rappertag - it's like an online cypher / circle, where one rapper takes their turn then tags the next person in. then that person uploads their video & this repeats. it's getting/is (?) quite popular, so for today's #vlomo10, I'm mixing the twitter memes a bit and made a quick video showing you some of the #rappertag clips & details. check it out if you're interested. today's #rappertag #14 by Suffa from Hilltop Hoods got a great reaction, so we're waiting for the next installment now. (anyone else thinking a little along the lines of William Gibson's (@greatdismal) pattern recognition video-on-the-net-footage? not exactly the same, but along similar lines?) has the videos or search for #rappertag on twitter

there's even an "Underground #rappertag" on youtube - of MCs not already tagged in on the main site. sky's the limit!

I'm hoping they start a turntablist tag too as I'd like to see that.


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#vlomo10 day1 video : new love on the 470 bus

new love on the 470 bus #vlomo10 day1 video - November is videoblogging month, which means I and other videobloggers / video makers (attempt to) post at least one video per day in November. join in! any theme, any format, any length. just tag it #vlomo10

here's my first videoblogging month video:
I wanted the video images to be very distracting like the technology we use today is. to distract the viewer from the text messages (or the visual cues from other people)

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new love on the morning 470 bus

on the bus this morning: man2 hops on, takes a seat, starts playing with smart-phone. man1 unplugs earphones & leans around to look at him to catch his attention. man1 does this a few times but man2 doesn't look up. man1 gives up & puts headphones back in & faces forwards again. then man2 looks up, sees man1 and tries to catch his attention. so they do know each other.

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The Headman & Sarawak Gone micro documentaries

The Headman (EN) - directed & produced by Andrew Garton
On the 23 October 2007 Kelesau Naan, the Headman of the Penan village, Long Kerong, left his wife at a rest area in the forest to check on his traps. He never returned. Two months later his remains were found scattered across the Segita River, deep in the Ulu Baram, Sarawak.

Presented by his son, Nick Kelesau, The Headman explores the events leading up to his disappearance. Kelesau Naan sought only to protect his people and their native customary right to the land they have lived in for centuries. His struggles may well had been his peril, but as Nick and his fellow Penan explain, his legacy endures.

Help engage media spread this story and raise awareness of the issues facing Sarawak - download the videos from and add to your blog / website, or host a screening night of the films

Visit for more details

you can watch all the Sarawak Gone documentaries at

Sarawak Gone is an open licensed micro-docs series raising awareness to the persistent decline of indigenous life and culture in Sarawak, Malaysia. The series is produced and directed by the Australian media artist and musician, Andrew Garton,, in collaboration with Sarawak Access (SACCESS).

For more information about the series head out to or read about the issues on Rengah Sarawak,

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