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tri state travels

the Hay plains are vast, felt like hours crossing them. they continued as far as the eye could see. patches of water dispersed along the road. gave me an eerie feeling - being in the sublime - I kept thinking it was going to rain, flood and we'd be trapped there in the rising waters, even though this was unlikely

I became a bit obsessed with all the different grasses and mid journey-esque dead tree forms during the drive through outback NSW/VIC/SA. many photos to reference. someone needs to do a photo book on those trees. so beautiful. and the eucalypts with their fractal-like perfection

a colour map / species map of their distribution across the landscape would be cool too. patterns and mixtures abound

drowned trees and power poles in the Murray River

h/t to David Stephenson's "Drowned" / "Drowned Trees" series eg

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specture ::: topology and context

specture ::: the topology and conceptual contexts underpinning my specture body of work ::: explorations of interconnectedness and 'evolution' of extinct species on/and the blockchain

::: speculative|species ::: future|architecture :::

specture is a speculative exploration considering the interconnections and abstractions of extinct species (from NSW) on the blockchain, with the underlying idea: what if in the future this is the only place they exist?

The blockchain is an immutable technological system, where data stored on it remains forever (or for as long as the chain exists). I build conglomerations of generative, code-based systems mixed with 3D digital models to create digital drawings and animations as abstractions of the extinct species and their blockchain environment, to garner what the species might see and experience whilst inside the blockchain. These generative drawings imagine whether the species could evolve once in the blockchain, or would they reach their final form once stored there. They also reflect the decentralized entanglement in interconnectedness in both ecology and the blockchain.

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pataphysics in daily life — condensed poetic voodles — spacetwo videoblog

there was a mention of pataphysics in one of the mu-mesons' videos we've been watching over the holidays. reminded me of Sam Renseiw's spacetwo videoblog. nice to see he's still making them: "the fine art of 'pataphysics in daily life. condensed poetic voodles. A video blog by sam renseiw"

'Pataphysics, an absurdist concept coined by the French writer Alfred Jarry, is a philosophy dedicated to studying what lies beyond the realm of metaphysics. Defined as: "The science of imaginary solutions, which symbolically attributes the properties of objects, described by their virtuality, to their lineaments"

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artist research index - uni subjects

an index of artist research submitted in assignments for OUA / Curtin University's Bachelor of Arts - Fine Arts and Visual Culture

VSW100 - assignment1 - Sept 2015
El Anatsui

VSW100 - assignment2 - Oct 2015
Janet Echelman
Ken Unsworth
Sack and Reicher + Muller, Eyal Zur
Sol LeWitt
Zaha Hadid
Lucien den Arend
Anish Kapoor

VSW100 - assignment3 - Nov 2015
Robert Montgomery
Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio
Asger Jorn
Kara Walker
Vaporwave “Aesthetic” Art
Detourned Collage on Instagram
Culture Jamming
Richard Hamilton
Tabitha Moses
Tracey Emin
Louise Bourgeois
Mattias Adolphson
William Kentridge
Syd Mead
Holly Herndon
Robert Breer
Thet Paing Kha
David Shrigley
Fiona McMonagle
Jake Fried
Len Lye
Richard Lewer

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wind and breath

"...wind and breath are intimately related in the continuous movement of inhalation and exhalation that is fundamental to life and being. Inhalation is wind becoming breath, exhalation is breath becoming wind. --Tim Ingold, Being Alive" via Debbie Lyddon's "Aeolian Pipes and Air-Songs" booklet on her textiles (felt, wax, resin & wire) sculptures at the beach (pdf)

having recently had an appendectomy operation in which the recovery left me with reduced lung capacity (bilateral pleural effusion with lower lobe collapse), these words rang true for breathing and learning to breath through my tummy/diaphragm rather than chest.

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encryption dress

with all the talk of data retention and vintage (clothes) stores & work stuff this week, I had a great dream about an encryption dress this morning. I couldn't find anything in the store that I liked, then finally chose a dress & said this'll do. turns out it had an encryption chip in it. we couldn't find the pricelist card for it — flat, vertical cards covered in plastic frames — sort of like house listings in the window of the real estate offices. had to scan through heaps of them - layers and layers. & seems to be waterproof also as the dress becomes swimwear/togs too (changes). lots of dream spent on adventure looking for it. turns out it cost $100K due to software licence. but they waived it & I got to keep the dress & encrypted all communications from then on. I was trying to work out how it worked without a keyboard to enter passphrase. but it was new tech. touch was all that was needed. I was also worried about the chip being so close to my heart (physical location) but it was proven to be safe to wear. good dream. chip was like a square button, sewn into the fabric. gather & press to activate. the encryption dress and chip were waterproof too because at some points in the dream it turned into togs/swimmers and I was in the water, I think when I was looking for the pricecards.

maybe it means I should get back to working on the flora gps test - flora's working, & gps arrived recently

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stitch grafitti

I’ve been looking through the craftivist collective website and some of their projects. they do many fibre / textiles / craft based activism (craftivism) projects to raise issues to people in the community. they also write about slow activism and the importance of personal reflection when making – I love this idea and it’s something people can do from home without having to be too vocal (verbally) with their ideas – work on projects to highlight issues they think are important. so I purchased one of their mini protest banner kits and it arrived from the UK yesterday. tonight I embroidered a message and sewed the aida onto the fabric. it was the first time I’ve embroidered letters so the first couple of lines are a bit wonky (especially the “D”), and I found it easier to write in all caps so I’m probably shouting the message, but I was getting the hang of it towards the end (though I ran out of space on the last line – need to plan it out next time)

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memory windows

I had the idea today to write a story about memory windows. I think it was after the second coffee. now I can't think of what to write - the characters. this week I've been on holidays and have been relaxing and reading. the "Exegesis" by Philip K Dick arrived (finally - it seems it might have been delayed due to a missing / between my apartment number and street number on the package's postal address). so I started reading it, but it's straight into the gnostic themes, which I haven't read for a few months so then I started listening to the Aeon Byte podcasts again and buying ebooks from Amazon & Google to read in my chrome cloud reader. one was about Hermes Trismegistus, called The quest for Hermes Trismegistus : from ancient Egypt to the modern world" by Gary Lachman. another is "Sacred Economics" by Charles Eisenstein, who's class I'm taking starting this week on Evolver. "The Gift" by Lewis Hyde - which has a great essay on Ezra Pound as the last chapter. I've been meaning to find out more about Pound for a while, so this was good to read. another is a collection of interviews in a book called "Voices of Gnosticism" by Miguel Conner - who hosts and produces the Aeon Byte podcasts mentioned previously.

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piano sounds

piano sounds


Matty Fresh - Trail Blazer

today, I listened to a song that Matty Fresh had posted on facebook. very lush - lovely piano sounds & beats. I’ve seen a video interview with him where he showed the process he follows in producing a beat - digging in the crates, sampling the vinyl records, transferring to the computer.

then I had these thoughts about the piano sample taken from the record. the sound has layers of stories and human connections with it. there’s the pianist - all those years of training and practicing the piano which led to them playing that song on the day it was recorded. the composer of the original song. the booking of the sound recording studio - I can imagine the musicians in the room - the pianist at the piano, playing the song. how many times did they play this melody that day. did they get into the zone. the sound recording engineer recording the sounds - how did they adjust & tweak the sounds. was it recorded onto tape. was it a new tape or had it been used before and were there traces of older sounds already on the tape. then it was sent to the vinyl processing plant to be both archived and brought to life during the vinyl production process. were there any imperfections introduced in this process. all these steps took time. did the musician think about their performance again afterwards - wonder if they could have changed something, or if it was perfect as is. then the industry takes over and the record gets released and people buy it. who bought this record - the one that the sample was taken from. how many hands has it passed through, and how many plays did it have on people's home record players, or out & about? what were the people doing when they listened - what were they thinking. did their record players add some imperfections to the sounds by faulty equipment, or overuse? did they play the record over & over so it was almost worn out and the vinyl getting thinner and thinner with each play. at some point their lives changed and the record was sold and ended up in a dusty record bin that Matty Fresh pulled it out of and took home and added to his collection. how many other songs were listened to before this one was chosen - how many times was it played by him to be imprinted on his memory to pull it out later when this song was being created.

I read the other day about all the atoms in the world. has some of my ramblings on it

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Sunday TINA Newcastle rain

Sunday TINA 2011 was a day when the rain set in - it was heavy at times, yet it didn't stop people attending the festival panel sessions and performances. this is recorded with binaural mics (line-in adapter - finally found the little battery for it!) on Hunter St Mall - complete with locals/passerbys talking as they walked past me

best listened in headphones

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papert ra circles

papert logo program output - I made a little program to draw sun ra circles
this looks a lot like the lisp I used to use in early versions of AutoCAD in the 90s.
(I wrote a very crude program below - first try. run it multiple times without clearing the previous)
27/09/2011 ::: program link

papert seen on twitter via @mpesce

SETXY 10 10
] logo interpreter papert

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musing ai monads

15/09/2011: this AI book (Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach) is good so far. hopefully it's all like this, not just ch1 ;) am thinking a test to help with archive project would be good. [1]

prob more of a parser than AI but maybe useful to learn some natural language processing & machine learning & automated reasoning #terms [2]

saw mention of using money as the 'reward' for the atoms/monads to learn. thinking of using music instead. like real life in that community [3]

music taste -> street cred -> popularity(?) of sorts. have to know history/share knowledge/durations of participation etc. [4]

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rearranging the patterns of the atoms / monads

reading issue #7 of Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology & Australian forum for acoustic ecology [1] - one guy has been recording sounds of beetles & found behaviours they'd missed by studying them in labs.[2] makes me think about all the sounds that have been lost. species & places lost. but sounds too

I guess there's less protection of the sounds lost since they're not living creatures. [3]

do you ever wonder if they are? little living frequencies [4]

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beauty in the soi

I see beauty in the soi - I went for a walk around bangrak streets this evening. it's still so hot & humid 6-7pm, but there's so many things to see. I'm not the best photographer, and my camera is not that good at colours, so they've come out more muted than they really are, and it doesn't focus well in low light - especially when zoomed - but here's a photo slideshow of some of the buildings and people in the soi. a couple of times I could hear people talking and looking - like the motor-soi drivers who sit on the corner, so I snapped a quick shot and kept walking past. there's also lots of very small and scrawny street cats. I love the colours and textures of the buildings - and the windows - I can imagine people looking out of the windows to see what's happening in their neighbourhoods - though I think they also seem to spend a lot of time outside, on the streets/soi, eating at the food stalls and talking with friends. it's nice.

beauty in the soi photos

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